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CrossFit Journal Articles

  • HQ Trainer Box-Squat Session
    HQ trainers Adrian (Boz) Bozman and Jesse Ward were at the first CrossFit Powerlifting Cert at Westside Barbell late in 2009, while HQ trainer and 2008 CrossFit Games Champion Jason Khalipa was at the second. In this video shot at the recent Trainer Summi
  • Setting Up Box Squats
    Jesse Ward of Lynnwood CrossFit is a former powerlifter who was at the first CrossFit cert at Westside Barbell. Ward has been playing with bands, squats and monolifts longer than many CrossFitters and offers up a few tips for anyone looking to try the tec
  • Dynamic-Effort Day at Westside Barbell Part 1
    You’ve seen the drill: squat a set, wander around, chalk up, talk some smack, chalk up again … . That’s not how they roll at Westside Barbell on dynamic-effort squat day, when lifters push weights as fast as possible. In this video shot at Louie Simmon
  • Squatting Outside the Box
    Most of Tate’s training involves improving a lifter’s ability to get out of the bottom of the squat. The box squat, as Tate showed us, is a unique method for teaching the instantaneous generation of force or “explosiveness” required to reverse the
  • Box Squats Galore
    Dave Tate imparts a wealth of knowledge in the final four episodes of our series on the box squat. His coaching is as explicit as his language.
  • The Box Squat
    Dave Tate of EliteFTS came to CrossFit San Diego for a private seminar on January 24, 2009. Dave was a successful competitive powerlifter for over two decades. He trained with Louie Simmons at Westside Barbell Club. His best back squat was 930lbs, bench

Olympic Lifting

Coach Burgener knows more about Olympic Lifting than anyone on this planet. If you want to improve your snatch and/or clean & jerk then you NEED to attend the CrossFit Specialty Course: Weightlifting. If you haven't heard of Coach B then you should slap yourself. Check out these CrossFit Journal articles for more info: The Burgener Warmup, The Stance, Clean & Jerk, Receiving The Bar, and Snatch Grip Position

Power Lifting

Improve your Deadlift, Bench Press and Backsquat with the CrossFit Specialty Course: Conjugate Methods. If Louie Simmons is good enough for the various NFL and NCAA football programs then he's good enough for you. Check out these CrossFit Journal articles for more info: Louie on the Conjugate System and Dynamic-Effort Day