See "clean". Perform a clean using a weighted medicine ball. Great for learning the technique for the barbell clean, especially the difficult straight-arm shrug.


  • Dynamax Medicine Balls
    Ultra high quality same-size medicine balls constructed of recycled materials, entirely in the USA! These were the first balls on the market with enough padding to be used safely at high velocities. The success of the Dynamax medicine balls is largely responsible for the current widespread use among athletic programs and fitness facilities. They have spawned many competitors. As a result many implements labeled "medicine ball" are available, but not all balls are created equally. To avoid the pitfalls of selection, one should ask this primary question: Can I catch this ball when thrown at its highest velocity? If the answer is yes, you have a training tool for life. If not, you need to consider Dynamax.

CrossFit Journal Articles

  • Medicine Ball Cleans
    The clean and jerk and the snatch, the Olympic lifts, present the toughest learning challenge in all of weight training.
  • Weight, Velocity & Volume in Medicine Ball Training
    With medicine ball training, velocity or a combination of velocity and weight should always be the overload mechanism of choice. This is the mechanism of the Olympic lifts and their variations. Olympic weightlifting’s generation of horsepower through th
  • Teaching the Clean to Kids
    At a Level 1 Cert, trainers break the med-ball clean down into five easily digestible steps. When training kids, you have to break things down even further. With a complicated movement like the clean, it’s not practical to go through a host of progre
  • The Clean
    In its finest expression the clean is a process by which the hips and legs launch a weight upward from the ground to about bellybutton height and then retreat under the weight with blinding speed to catch it before it has had the time to become a runaway
  • Spanish Med-Ball Clean
    Maggie Dabe from CrossFit Fairfax is one of CrossFit HQ’s traveling seminar trainers. Originally from Ecuador, she explains our standard cues and faults for the med-ball clean entirely in Spanish.

Olympic Lifting

Coach Burgener knows more about Olympic Lifting than anyone on this planet. If you want to improve your snatch and/or clean & jerk then you NEED to attend the CrossFit Specialty Course: Weightlifting. If you haven't heard of Coach B then you should slap yourself. Check out these CrossFit Journal articles for more info: The Burgener Warmup, The Stance, Clean & Jerk, Receiving The Bar, and Snatch Grip Position

Power Lifting

Improve your Deadlift, Bench Press and Backsquat with the CrossFit Specialty Course: Conjugate Methods. If Louie Simmons is good enough for the various NFL and NCAA football programs then he's good enough for you. Check out these CrossFit Journal articles for more info: Louie on the Conjugate System and Dynamic-Effort Day