Sit on a glute-ham developer with your feet in the holders and your but on the pads. Lower your torso backwards and touch the ground with your hands. Be sure to keep the knees bent slightly during the descent. Violently extend your knees and raise your torso back to an upright position. Finish by touching the feet holders in front of you with your hands. Knee extension is important for speed and lower lumbar protection.

CrossFit Journal Articles

  • Three Important Ab Exercises
    Many so-called experts completely misunderstand the vital role of the hip flexors in controlling and motivating athletic movement. They miss the complex interrelationship between the hip flexors and the abdominal muscles.
  • The Glute-Ham Developer Situp
    The GHD sit-up was once a gym staple. In the gym today only rarely will someone be found doing other than back extensions on the GHD. In no small measure the decline of the GHD or roman chair sit-up coincided with the advent of the crunch.

CrossFit Level 2 Certificate Course

The movements page is a breakdown from your workout programming. It is a great tool for analysis, but it does not show you how to effectively design, scale or evaluate your programming. We highly recommend attending the CrossFit Level 2 Certificate Course to learn how.