May 13, 2017 Saturday

May 12, 2017 Friday

15 minute cap L2: 185/115 L3: 135/95 Scale HSPU to: Box pike pushup Feet elevated pushups

Accumulate 6 minutes of plank hold. Perform 6 V-ups every time you break!

May 11, 2017 Thursday

45/33 ENJOY!!

May 10, 2017 Wednesday

The Devil is in the Details:-)

Scale to: 2 chest to bar/2 pullups/2 elevated ring rows During minutes 0-5, perform 10 burpees each minute During minutes 6-10, perform 8 burpees each minute During minutes 11-15, perform 6 burpees each minute During minutes 16-20, perform 4 burpees each minutes During minutes 21-25, perform 2 burpees each minute

May 09, 2017 Tuesday

RX+: 115/85 L2: 85/55 L3: 75/45

May 08, 2017 Monday

RX+: 135/95 L2: 105/75 L3: 95/65

May 06, 2017 Saturday

Med Ball Madness

Med ball cleans: catch in a squat OR power clean then front squat Windmills: See YouTube link below for demo: Focus on the rotation and keeping arms locked during the motion Reps are single count Keep arms straight while moving med ball from one side to the other

Partner Paradise

Partner WOD - split reps as desired Solo - 1/2 the reps per round Scaling: Rope climbs - 2:1 sit to stand rope climb Wall Ball movements - scale weight as needed to ensure full range of motion

May 05, 2017 Friday

Clean & jerk: L2-115/75 L3-95/55

May 04, 2017 Thursday

May 03, 2017 Wednesday

7 min cap. The goal is speed with good form, so please scale appropriately

2:1 singles

May 02, 2017 Tuesday

Thrusters, Pull Ups and Kettlebells OH MY!

Reps increase by 3 each round (3,6,9,12...), row stays the same. Weight should be HEAVY, so don't scale down too far. Thrusters: L2-115/75 L3-95/55 KB swings: L2-53/35 L3-44/26

May 01, 2017 Monday

30 min cap

April 29, 2017 Saturday

Partner WOD - one rests while the other works, split reps during each round as desired. Solo - 1/2 reps each round Scale DB weight as needed Pistols - use plates/box as a target, hold a plate as a counter balance, use the rig for balance

April 28, 2017 Friday

If scaling the deadlift, it should still be HEAVY! Scale chest to bar to: Pullups Banded pullups Scale HSPUs to: Box pike pushups TRX pushups

April 27, 2017 Thursday


April 26, 2017 Wednesday