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December 07, 2016 Wednesday

Functional Fitness

1:00 per station, 4 rounds each section 1a - TRX Muscle Up 1b - KB Swing 2a - TRX Pikes 2b - KB Goblet Squats 3a - TRX Triceps 3b - TRX Curls 4a - Bear Crawl 4b - TRX Alternating Single Leg Squats 5a - Plank 5c - Jump Rope

December 06, 2016 Tuesday

- Work up to a heavy single to guage your level for 16.2

December 05, 2016 Monday

CrossFit Warm-Up

20 Jumping Jacks 20 Mountain Climbers 20 Reverse V-ups (hop feet in and out) 2 Rounds: 10 PVC Clean Grip Overhead Squats 10 Jump Pull-ups 10 Push-ups With a Barbell: 15 Clean Grip Upright Rows (all arms, no momentum) 15 Behind the Neck Presses, clean grip 15 Front Squats BB Skill: Split Jerks w pause in the dip

- To save space sub 10 reverse lunges for each 25 ft

Intermediate & Beginners: 3-3-3-3-3 weighted pull-ups - Use a band as needed

Functional Fitness

50 Calorie Row 10 Burpees 40 Ball Slams 10 Burpees 30 DB Curls to Press 10 Burpees 20 Db Curtis Ps 10 Burpees 30 Db Skull Crushers 10 Burpees 40 Jump Squats 10 Burpees 50 Calorie Row

December 03, 2016 Saturday

Open Gym: Rhino's Revenge - HBD Tom

- Each round must be completely unkbroken, if you break perform 10 burpees - You may break to rest only between rounds

Partner Servais

- Groups of 2-3 to complete, run should be either 6x400m relays or 12x200m relays, sub plate carry for sandbag carry.

December 02, 2016 Friday

Coaches: thoroughly go through technique with a demo person explaining each position and importance or mechanics Scaling: Athletes proficient in OHS and/ or snatch work to a heavy single Beginner and intermediate athletes perform 3s and scale the depth and weight as need to focus on mechanics and proper overhead position.

- Scale weight as needed to hit ROM standards - Guests perform 10 of each and run 400m - DROP AN EMPTY BAR GETS YOU 20 BURPEES!!! DON"T DO IT!!!

December 01, 2016 Thursday

Supersets: Bench, Row, + Ab Wheel

Scaling: Knee raises + lowered weight on the box step ups

November 30, 2016 Wednesday

- Coaches thoroughly go through technique with a demo person explaining each position and pull - Rx athletes go heavy as written - Intermediate athletes perform 2s - Beginner Athletes/ guests perform 3s

Functional Fitness

3 Rounds: 20 TRX Rows 20 TRX Push-ups 20 KB High Pulls 20 KB Goblet Squats 20 TRX Triceps 20 TRX Roll-outs 20 KB Swings 20 KB Goblet Reverse Lunges Run to the street & back Rest 2:00

Goals: Interval stamina. Low Skill cardio to higher skill cardio into grunt work. Sprint, rest, repeat. Intermediate: As Rx Beginner: Single unders. work on rhythm

November 29, 2016 Tuesday

From Greg Glassman: "Barbara demands roughly 3 minutes of all out work punctuated by 3 minutes of rest repeated for a total of 5 intervals. At about 3 minutes of work and a 1:1 work to rest ratio this is an aerobic interval. Though three-minute efforts reach into aerobic turf they are short enough to still have a strong anaerobic character. Each round takes a little longer and consequently increases aerobic demands while the rest remains constant. For simplicity and elegance these workouts are gems. Each requires only a pull-up bar and about fifteen square feet of space. They are whole-body with a nasty upper body component, extremely tough, metabolically challenging and collectively complete.'

Scaled Barbara

- Beginner and some intermediate athletes - Guest perform 2-4 rounds of: 15 pull-ups/ ring rows 20 push-ups 25 Sit-ups 30 Air Squats - Scale movements as needed

November 28, 2016 Monday

Complex scaling options: - Power Snatch + Hang Power Snatch + OHS - Power Snatch + Hang Power Snatch

- Guests can perform russian swings or KB high pulls - Goals: Unbroken swings, burpees, and no walking. This should be a steady effort throughout making it a very aerobic workout. Don't rush out of the gate. Top athletes should get 8-10 rounds.

Functional Fitness

30-20-10 Wall Balls TRX Pikes Walking Lunges Rest 2:00 10-20-30 Med Ball Slams Ab Wheel Rollouts Lateral Lunges Rest 2:00 50 Sit-ups 100 Jump Rope 50 Push-ups 100 Jump Rope 50 TRX Ys 100 Jump Rope 50 Sit-ups

November 26, 2016 Saturday

Partner WOD Alternate Rounds

- Partners alternate rounds - Scale as needed with coach.

November 25, 2016 Friday

Endurance WOD

Accumulate meters for the 100k challenge

Team Workout

Teams of 3-4 people Intermediate: - Pull-ups - OHS as Rx or 75 Beginner: - TRX Rows - Russian KBS @ 35/25 - 3:1 Single Unders - OHS 55/35 Teams of 2 perform 150 reps of everything