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November 10, 2016 Thursday

24:00 - 36:00

November 09, 2016 Wednesday

"The deadlift is unrivaled in its simplicity and impact while unique in its capacity for increasing head to toe strength." - Greg Glassman

5 min work rope climb techniques and/or double under skill

Ropes Course

Goals: Grip and muscular endurance - specifically lats and biceps on the rope climbs. Gymnastics + mono-structural conditioning. Super Rx: Legless Rope Climbs Scaled - 2:1 singles and rope climbs or rope lowers from standing

Functional Fitness 11/9

5 Rounds of 15 reps of: 1) TRX Muscle up 2) TRX Rollout 3) TRX Push-up 4) TRX Single Leg Squat (10 per leg) 5) TRX Curls 6) TRX Triceps 7) TRX Ys 8) Row calories 9) TRX Pikes 10) TRX Knee Tucks

November 08, 2016 Tuesday

Goals: Snatches from the hang position will allow you to focus on explosiveness without worrying about faults in the first pull. Start light and build up. Unbroken sets, work on efficiency and mechanics.

Classes vote on your preferred "Death By" - BURPEES or 10m. Don't want either one? too bad, you're getting one, and neither will be pretty. #rockthevote Goals: I predict PAIN. Mentally prepare for the results of the election.

November 07, 2016 Monday

Goal: Train/ Test strength endurance and lactate tolerance - the ability to do work in the presence of "muscle burn" and fatigue. You will blow through your ATP-CP energy pathway get DEEP into the glycolytic energy system and into aerobic a small bit. This will hurt and test your mental toughness. 12:00 time cap will give you a chance to do 2, maybe 3, sets. Each set should have a tempo, 3-5 second per reps means the longest your set should take is 1:40.

The Probey

Goal: Enjoy some pain for Coach Jimmy's Birthday! This will train/ test higher level gymnastics movements and your ability to maintain technical prowess under fatigue. You will be tired from the 20RM back squat testing and your technique will revert back to how you train it. Do you show up on skill days and work fundamentals or do you power through movements? Being strong and efficient will win this workout. Also LEGS.

The Probey - Scaled

Functional Fitness 11/7

Strength Day 4 heavy sets of 8-10 on each of the following; 1) Cable Rows 2) Dumbbell Bench Press 3) Dumbbell Lunges (8-10 each leg walking) 4) Dumbbell Military Press Conditioning 3 rounds of 1:00 per station 1) KB Swings 2) Goblet Squats 3) Bicycle Crunches 4) Jump Rope 5) Plank 6) Rest

November 05, 2016 Saturday

Partner Special

Goals: Mainly monostructural cardio partner intervals with a little gymnastics and loads sprints thrown in. Train your endurance, stamina, and recovery in short bursts. Regular style parter WOD, one works, one rests.

November 04, 2016 Friday

Goals: Improve clean & jerk skill and power and prepare for "Grace". Athletes with good technique can go as heavy as they'd like and attempt a new 1RM.

Goals: Proficiency -> Consistency -> Intensity If you can perform Rx in under 2:30 then try 155/105 as fast as possible.

November 03, 2016 Thursday

Goals: Improve single arm horizontal pulling strength, shoulder girdle strength, and work on any left/right asymmetries. Rollouts work core/ shoulder stability.

Old McDumbell

Goals: Improve & train stamina and endurance and the ability to finish strong with a pulling strength movement after mono structural cardio conditioning and grip taxing movements. Scaled: Challenging banded pull-ups. NO KIPPING TODAY.

November 02, 2016 Wednesday

Goals: Improve skill and strength in the overhead squat. Remember, mechanics before intensity. Don't increase your weight unless your mechanics are solid. Prepare your body for "Nancy"

Goals: Benchmark Testing - go all out. "Finesse and control at high heart rate is critical. “Nancy” demands it." - Greg Glassman, from The CrossFit Journal, Sept 2003

Functional Fitness 11/2

TRX Day 1:00 Per Station x 3 cycles TRX Push-up TRX Rollout TRX Muscle up TRX Single Leg alternating Squats TRX Curls Rest -----------after 3 cycles---------- Row 2000m -----------then after the row---------- 1:00 per station x 3 cycles TRX Row TRX Ice Skaters TRX Triceps TRX Pistols (alternate legs) TRX Plank Hold Rest

November 01, 2016 Tuesday

Gymastics Skills

Goals: Improve fundamental gymnastics skills and foundations for advanced movements such as kipping pull-ups, handstand push-ups and walks, pistols, ring dips, and work on lower/mid trap strength for improved shoulder function and imbalances

2:1 singles for double Goals: Improve aerobic endurance and lactate tolerance on push-ups with a high heart rate. You should not pace this, but go all out, and see how much you recover in the second 6 minute cycle. The difference between your cycles is a deficiency in your recovery and resiliency. A big gap may indicate that you may need an intraworkout supplement such as BCAAs with some carbs.

October 31, 2016 Monday

Workout Goal: Improve muscular endurance in pulling movements that have a high interference effect on one another. Deadlifts should be at a weight that all sets of 5 can be performed unbroken. Proficiency with both a moderate/ heavy weight strength movement and gymnastics is required to do well on this workout. Scaled: Pick weight as necessary, sub ring rows for pull-ups and hanging knee raises for T2B to work on kipping.

Functional Fitness 10/31

4 Rounds of: 500m Row 25 Push-ups 25 Abmat Sit-ups 20 DB Walking Lunges 20 DB Curl to Press 20 DB Skull Crushers on Mat 10 Burpees 10 Ab Wheel Rollouts 10 V-ups Run 200m

October 29, 2016 Saturday

Smashing Pumpkins

Both partners run, switch med ball carry as needed Trick: Burpee penalty if the pumpkin touches the ground. Each partner does 2 burpees.

October 28, 2016 Friday

Twas the night before Hallo-Wod

Curtis P- Power clean/front rack lunge rt,lt/push press 95/65 is RX, scale as needed. 40:00 min CAP

October 27, 2016 Thursday

Instructional EMOM

Alternate between movements each minute. -Working up to the weight you think are going to use for the WOD -This is a time for you to get coaching 1 minute is plenty of time to complete the reps and change weights. -Have your coach watch form, everyone doesn't have to race for the minute, don't rush it this is your time for learning and instruction.

Your score is the weight you select. -So go heavy but know your limits because you can't change weights.

Team Sled Dogs

In team of 2 alt. 100m at a time for a total of 600m. -Walk/Jog along side your partner as the push the sled. -Alt. at each turn around.

October 26, 2016 Wednesday

This is 1 rep right and left arm per set.