April 26, 2017 Wednesday

20 min cap Scale toes to bar to hanging knee raises

April 25, 2017 Tuesday

Muscle up scale to: -1 chest to bar/1 ring dip -1 pullup/1 box dip Scale weight to: L2-115/75 L3-95/65 20 min cap

These are max effort sprints. No lolligaggin'!

April 24, 2017 Monday

L2-75/55 20 min cap

April 22, 2017 Saturday

Oh Snatch!

Saturday Sh*t Show

Partner WOD - alternate rounds, 1 partner works while the other rests Solo - rest as needed between rounds Scaling for DUs: a) No rope - "penguin" jumps b) DU attempts, 1/2 reps

April 21, 2017 Friday

After completing the pushups and squats,, you will row for calories with the remaining time left on the clock. No knee pushups. Scale to bar on rack.

April 20, 2017 Thursday

Scale to 44/26

April 19, 2017 Wednesday

Reps will increase by 3 each round. So round 2 will be 6 thrusters, 6 chest to bar, round 3 will be 9 thrusters, 9 chest to bar, and so on. Scale chest to bar to: Pullups Elevated ring rows Ring pullups Rest 3 minutes after this round

Reps will increase by 3 each round. Scale toes to bar to hanging knee raises Rest 3 minutes after this round

Reps will increase by 3 each round

April 18, 2017 Tuesday

Scale to: Strict banded Elevated ring rows

Curls For The Girls


Wonder who will finish this in the fastest time:-)

April 17, 2017 Monday

RX+: 155/95 L2: 115/75 L3: 95/55


April 15, 2017 Saturday

April 14, 2017 Friday

Warm Up

300m row 10 each: Ring rows push up to down dog scorpions single leg toe touch PVC pass throughs Barbell: 5 x Jefferson curls 3 rounds: 5 x RDL 5 x high pull 5 x bent over row

Handstand pushups will be max effort for the minute HSPU scale to: Box pike pushup Feet elevated pushup

April 13, 2017 Thursday

Warm Up

200m run 20m each: Butt kickers Frankensteins High knee skips Backwards skip w/rotation Front lunge w/reach Lateral Lunge ---then--- 10 each: Ring pull ups Push up to down dog Runners lunge w/sunrise Wall facing squats Wall slides Scapular pull up PVC Passthru PVC OHS

15 minute cap. You should NOT cap out, so scale if needed!

Females use 75% BW for Rx L2-65% L3-55% Males scale to: L2-85% L3-65% Pull-ups scale to: Banded strict Elevated ring rows

April 12, 2017 Wednesday

Warm Up

500m row 10 each: Walk out w/push up Runners lunge w/sunrise Banded pull aparts - overhand and underhand, keep elbows "glued" to ribcage PVC pass throughs PVC OHS Barbell: 5 x Bear Complex Power clean + front squat + push press + back squat + btn push press