March 30, 2017 Thursday

None of these weights should feel heavy, so scale as needed to insure quality reps and minimal stopping during each 20s interval.

March 29, 2017 Wednesday

Warm Up

3 rounds: 10 ball slams 20/10 10 front lunge with ball twist 10 goblet squats (w/ball) 50ft OH ball carries (25 ft down & back)

We will be using kettlebells and alternating reps between arms. Choose a weight that allows you to complete the entire set without putting the KB down.

Great Balls of Fire!

March 28, 2017 Tuesday

Warm Up

EMOM 6:00 alternate between: 6 Burpees 8 push ups with rotation 12 Ring rows Core: Tabata V-ups

Our old friend Sally is back, and she wants to see some pushin!! Side note: Chuck Norris does not do pushups, he pushes the earth away from himself.

Marc Needs A Hug

Bonus points for transitioning from one movement to the next without stopping:-)

March 27, 2017 Monday

Warm Up

"Thunderstruck" To AC/DC's song Thunderstruck... Jumping jacks - burpee when you hear the word "thunder" Barbell: 3 rounds 5 push jerks 5 hang power clean + power clean 5 split jerk 5 power clean + jerk ** ** use what you plan on doing in the WOD

Emphasis on technique and smooth cycling of reps

March 25, 2017 Saturday

Partner WOD, alternate rounds

March 24, 2017 Friday

Warm Up

AMRAP 6:00 5 push up to down dog 10 air squats 10 walking lunges 100m run Barbell: 3 rounds 5 Jefferson curls 5 Front Squats 5 push press

March 23, 2017 Thursday

Warm Up

Run 200m 10 each: Commando push ups - push up with a knee drive V ups Spidermans Prisoner get ups PVC pass thrus PVC OHS

Rowling Season Finale! This row will be 150M Frame rewards are as follows: 1/4/7-PushupsX2 2/5/8-Walking lunges 3/6/9-Toes to bar 10-Turkish getups

March 22, 2017 Wednesday

Warm Up

Time cap: 10:00 200m run --- then --- 20m each: butt kickers Frankensteins with leg swing carioca x 2 front lunge w/reach broad jumps - no bunny hops, use those hips! ---then--- 10 each: ring rows push up to down dog - focus on the stretch, push the head through and press the heels toward the ground runner's lunge PVC pass throughs PVC OHS Core: 30s each X 2 Hollow hold Superman

L2-53/35 L3-35/26 Pullups modifications as follows: Ring pullups TRX rows

March 21, 2017 Tuesday

Warm Up

10:00 cap 10 Burpees 10 Ys and As 10 Push up w/rotation 10 Ring Rows Crab walk - width of room Bear crawl - width of room Prisoner duck walk - width of room Broad jump - width of room 10 PVC Pass thrus 10 PVC OHS Start back at the top and work your way down until the timer expires :)

Muscle Up Progression

15 minutes This is meant to work on form, technique, and the necessary strength for ring muscle ups. Do not rush through any of this. Focus on body position. Muscle up transition will start from knees and end at the top of the dip.

20 Min Cap Singles 2:1 L2-35/25 L3-25/15 It would be shocking to not see double unders and some type of thruster for 17.5. Use this workout to get your timing and technique down.

March 20, 2017 Monday

Warm up

AMRAP 6:00 5 push up to down dog 10 air squats 10 walking lunges 100m run Barbell: 3 rounds 5 Jefferson curls 5 Hang power snatch+ power snatch 5 push press

L2-75/55 L3-65/45

March 18, 2017 Saturday

March 17, 2017 Friday

March 16, 2017 Thursday

Warm Up

Run 200m 20m each: Butt kickers Frankensteins Lateral lunge Front lunge w/reach 10 each: push up -> rotation Spidermans (aka runners stretch) Squat jump

For this session we will be rowing 150M per frame. Rewards are as follows: Frames 1,4,7-Broad jumps Frames 2,5,8-50M shuttle run Frames 3,6,9-Situps Frame 10-Man Makers

March 15, 2017 Wednesday

Warm Up

Row 300m 10 each: Ring rows Push up -> down dog Wall Facing squat Barbell: Hang squat clean + squat clean x 5 Thruster X 5

15 minute cap