January 10, 2017 Tuesday


1000M row 10 Man Makers 10 Pullups 10 hanging knee raises Repeat with 800M row 600M row 400M row 200M row Reps on the movements remain at 10 for the entire workout

Rev your engines

3:00 of max DU then 2:00 of rest 20:00 AMRAP then 2:00 of rest 3:00 of max DU

January 09, 2017 Monday


4 rounds of: 10 BB deadlift (stop & go) 15 cable row 20 DB curls 4 rounds of: 10 DB lateral stepup (5 each leg) 15 Clapping pushups 20 DB overhead extensions Finish with: 300M row-20 burpees 300M row-15 burpees 300M row-10 burpees

Hang in there!!

Level 1: M: 125-145-165-185 F: 95-105-115-125 Level 2: M:

January 07, 2017 Saturday

To push or to pull

- Partner workout - For the HSPU and hang power cleans one person chooses one movement and works at different times - Partners will run both 400's together and complete 100 box jumps combined

January 06, 2017 Friday

January 05, 2017 Thursday

- After completion of the listed task you will then row a moderate/recovery pace for the remainder of time left in the 4:00 window. After the 4:00 is up you will then progress to the next movement and follow the same procedure. - Scaling: Ring dip: Kipping/box dips Strict T2B: Reg. T2B/Hanging knee raises Strict HSPU: Reg Kipping/5 wall walks Bar MU: C2B/12 kipping pull-ups/band pull-ups

January 04, 2017 Wednesday

January 03, 2017 Tuesday

- 4:00 window to complete all 3 movements. If you finish the 10 burpees before the 4:00 window is up you get to rest the remainder of time before the next 4:00 window begins. If you fail to complete the work in the given time domain you will stop where you're at and begin again with the 400m run - If the time domain isn't possible for you to maintain, scale the run down to 200m and/or 5-7 burpees - *Ladies will Row 15 calories

January 02, 2017 Monday

- 2:1 Single unders - Cleans @ 60% 1RM - If 5 cleans become too challenging to complete in the :90 window, scale down to 3 cleans What we'll be doing moving forward before the open is % based work. Please stick to the %'s and trust the process.

- 3:00 rest after part 2 and then a 12:00 window will be given to establish a 3RM split jerk - Must be a split jerk and a split jerk only. No other variation is allowed - Bar starts from the rack

December 31, 2016 Saturday

Countdown to 2017 with the Girls

- Solo WOD

December 30, 2016 Friday

Beginner: 4 rounds of: 3 minutes of lay to stand rope climbs 2 minutes of squats 2 minute of push-ups from the knees 3 minutes to run 200 meters After the run, rest for the remainder of the 3 minutes before beginning the next round. The rounds have been reduced for the beginner to lower the total volume. The rope climbs have been scaled to start on the floor and pull to a standing position to preserve the intensity and allow for more work to be performed. The push-ups should be done on the knees for the same reason and to preserve good mechanics. Strive to press the shoulders and legs away from the floor simultaneously. The run has been reduced to 200 meters to allow for rest before starting the next round. - - - Intermediate: 5 rounds of: 3 minutes of rope climbs 2 minutes of squats 2 minute of push-ups 3 minutes to run 400 meters After the run, rest for the remainder of the 3 minutes before beginning the next round.

December 29, 2016 Thursday

- Start off on the EMOM with whichever you are weaker at: HSPU or Muscle Ups/ Pull-ups HSPU Progressions - all strict: 1) Decrease reps to 3 but Rx movement 2) Piked HSPU 5-7 reps 3) Perfect form regular pushups

MU Progression options (can alternate) Intermediate 1) C2B Pull-ups, no butterfly, practice getting your chest high on the bar 2) Ring transitions with feet on a box Beginner 3) Arch to hollows 4) Ring transitions with feet on the ground

December 28, 2016 Wednesday

- 60-70%

- 2-3 min between EMOMs to increase weight

December 27, 2016 Tuesday

Supersets: Pull-ups & RDLs

- These should all be from a dead hang start. No "rebounding" bounces in the bottom

- This should be slow and controlled, 6 reps on each leg per set - clean grip on the barbell

Intermediate: As Rx Beginner; Hanging Knees raises + KB sumo high pulls