September 21 Friday

Deadlift Hang Power Clean Shoulder to overhead

Swole Mates are good dates

Done with Partner Runs are done together other movements 1 person working at a time.

September 19 Wednesday

2 sec pause each rep

September 14 Friday

with pistols and deck squats

Partner WOD

September 12 Wednesday

September 10 Monday

Partner Warm Up

Teams of 3

September 7 Friday

Partner WOD

September 5 Wednesday

ss w/ xiapeng

September 3 Monday

August 31 Friday

SS w/ 50m overhead walk

Mini Jackie

August 29 Wednesday

August 27 Monday

SS with 10 Bulgarian RR

August 24 Friday

SS with 50m front rack carry

Partner WOD

August 22 Wednesday

"Sunday Meetings"

August 20 Monday

August 17 Friday

Partner WOD

With a partner

August 15 Wednesday