December 17, 2012 Monday

December 14, 2012 Friday

December 13, 2012 Thursday

December 12, 2012 Wednesday

December 11, 2012 Tuesday

December 10, 2012 Monday

December 07, 2012 Friday

December 06, 2012 Thursday

finisher goal is to finisher with more reps then last week

December 05, 2012 Wednesday

Starting with a weight that you can manage for all 3 sets but that isn't maximal. We will be building up in weight over the weeks to come so start with a weight that is heavy but something you know you can do more if asked to.

December 04, 2012 Tuesday

December 03, 2012 Monday

trying to add a bit of weight from last week. Keeping all sets the same weight and trying to move as fast as you can and maintain full ROM

November 30, 2012 Friday

November 29, 2012 Thursday

November 28, 2012 Wednesday

Finisher 3minutes max double unders

November 27, 2012 Tuesday

Part A Back squat 3x5 using the same weight for all working sets. Trying to go heavier then last week

November 26, 2012 Monday

Part A Using the same weight across all sets. Rest no more then 1minute between sets..

Part B No press outs. All snatches must be a lock out. Time cut will be 8minutes Note for this WOD the weight used is 60kg for the guys and 40kg for the ladies. Scale as needed

November 23, 2012 Friday