November 23, 2012 Friday

spend 15minute to find a 5RM deadlift This is a TRUE 5RM so be sure to warm up properly and don't waste to much energy building up in small jumps as you will fatigue and not get a real 5RM

November 22, 2012 Thursday

November 21, 2012 Wednesday

Snatch 7x2 Try to keep all the weights as working sets. Be sure to warm up properly and hit all of these sets with 100% The goal is to try work on your full snatch as once you understand this movement it will allow you to lift more weight.

November 20, 2012 Tuesday

November 19, 2012 Monday

Back squat 3x5 Be sure to maintain the same weight across all 3 sets

November 18, 2012 Sunday

November 16, 2012 Friday

November 15, 2012 Thursday

November 14, 2012 Wednesday

Part A Warm up well then make sure all your working sets are heavy. Don't start light in your working sets. That's what the warm up time is for. I want 5 solid sets

Part B Trying to build from last week. The reason behind this movement for the last few weeks to to increase that awarness in good and bad back position and to help strengthen the erector spinal muscles (low back area) and also mid back (rhomboids)

November 13, 2012 Tuesday

November 12, 2012 Monday

trying to go heavier then last week again with your total weight moved.

November 09, 2012 Friday

Part B 3 sets max strict pull ups. If you have 3x10 add weight otherwise scale as needed

November 08, 2012 Thursday

Part A Hang power snatches will start from the hang position and finish over head landing in a partial squat and arms must achieve lock out on landing. NO PRESS OUTS.. Focus on bad ass speed through the middle and get under the bar and stick your landing

Part B Goal is to build from last weeks weights.. Don't let your form go out the window just to go a bit heavier. If you feel your back position being lost drop the weight other wise try to add around 2.5-5kg from last weeks..

November 07, 2012 Wednesday

November 06, 2012 Tuesday

Part A Trying to build from last week. Try starting at the weight you used in your second set last week then build from that aiming to finish 2.5-5kg heavier then last week if possible.

November 02, 2012 Friday

15minutes to find a 1rm power clean

Part A Hit this with everything you have.. Leave nothing in the tank try to smash your last time

November 01, 2012 Thursday

October 31, 2012 Wednesday

Part A 3x5 pendlay rows, build up to a challenging weight but not your max as you are to maintain the same weight across all working sets

Part B After the pendlay rows clean the bars up onto the rack to do 3 sets of 5 back squats. Build up in weight. Start heavy and get heavier..

October 30, 2012 Tuesday

Rest 3 minutes after tabatas then 3minutes max double unders

Simple movements but be sure to hit them with everything you got..

October 29, 2012 Monday

Be sure to scale this WOD if needed. Go heavy but a weight you can get through the WOD with intensity.. The deadlifts won't be heavy it's the rest you have to look out for when deciding your weight.

October 26, 2012 Friday