May 23, 2016 Monday

Diablo MetCon: SandBar

Thrivestry Metabolic Conditioning: “Sandbar Ahead”

=========================== Sandbag run - Performance: 80lb / Athletic: 60lb* / Health: 45 (OR 500m plate carry run - Performance: 45lb / Athletic: 25lb* / Health: 15lb – 1 plate held however) Dumbbell suitcase walking lunge - Performance: 45 / Athletic: 25*/ Health: 10 (only one dumbbell at side) Dumbbell push press - Performance: 45 / Athletic: 25*/ Health: 15 (1 DB in each hand) Row - Performance: 600m / Athletic: 500m* / Health: 400m *Women’s “As Prescribed” weights and reps (Rx) Scaling Guide: 17-25 minutes Compare to: NEW! Coaching Tips: Hustle on the sandbag runs to get started on the lunges, it is okay to get a bit winded since the lunges and push presses will give you a chance to catch your breath. The first row each round should be at a conservative pace, with the second one being much more aggressive because of the rest. Keep your posture during the runs and don't let the sandbag/plate force you to round your back. For the lunges, keep the shoulder back and abs tight. The dumbbell push presses need to be push presses (and not push jerks)!

May 22, 2016 Sunday


Skill Practice Warm Up:

======================== Spend up to 10 min doing 8 sets of 4 ring dip, muscle up transition drills, or ring muscle ups (1-4 reps, but perfect form).

Metabolic Conditioning: “Jackhammer Whooping”

================================== 22 minute time cap. Performance: 5 rounds*, Athletic/Health: 4rounds Hang Power Cleans - Advanced: 155lbs, Athletic: 95lbs*, Health: 53lbs Handstand push-ups - Performance: 8 reps, Athletic*: 4 reps, Health: 8 dumbbell strict presses Double unders* - Athletic: 30 including attempts, Health: 20 attempts *Women’s “As Prescribed” weights and reps (Rx) Note: HSPU are head to floor OR head to 1 abmat with hands on 25lb bumper plates Scaling Guide: 12 – 20 minutes. Compare to: November 5, 2015 Coaching Tips: Pick a weight you can do unbroken on the first set (but not necessarily on the rest). The handstand pushups are kipping, but only do them if you can do 3+ unbroken (don’t break your neck!). If you do the 4 rounds and you finish in 14 minutes or less, you should consider doing the 5th even if you planned on doing the "Athletic".

May 21, 2016 Saturday

Skill Practice Warm Up:

======================= Spend 8 minutes working up to a challenging weight Turkish Get up, at least 5 total reps per side.


======================== Increasing weight, max or above max by last set. OR box squat.


========================= Superset with the back squats. Increasing weight, max or above max by last set.

Metabolic Conditioning: “Duel at Sea 2.0”

=========================== 4 rounds for Max REPS Competing AGAINST your partner – Back squat - advanced: 135lbs, intermediate*:85lbs, novice: 53lbs Choose who will get the rower first and who will start on squats. Flip a coin, play rock-paper-scissors, or whatever if no consensus can be reached. While one athlete rows, the other gets as many back squats as possible (being smart for a 4 round workout of course). When the 300m is up, the two rotate. The winner is the person with the most squats in the end. Share the rower (always) and barbell (when using the same weight). Barbell must start on the floor (no rack). Keep alternating every time the 300m is rowed. Final score is the total number of back squats performed. *Women’s “As Prescribed” weights and reps (Rx) Scaling Guide: 30-70 Reps. Compare to: New Workout! Coaching Tips: It doesn’t matter much if you start as the rower or the squatter, pace this according to your own strengths. That said, be wary of trying to sprint on the rower, it will be harder to recover from that than the squats. Pay attention to your ‘opponent’s’ distance on the rower so you can do a big set at the end before they finish their final row.

Optional ‘Cash Out’:

May 20, 2016 Friday



======================= Same weight across, approximately 60 - 70% max snatch.


====================== Superset with Snatch. 6 - per arm

Metabolic Conditioning: “Tabata Sled Pushes – Part Deux”

================================== Record total repetitions of 20’ low, 20’ high sled push, operating in the Tabata framework. Each direction equals one “rep” (one round trip is two reps). Performance: +140lbs Athletic*: +90lbs Health: +50lbs *Women’s “As Prescribed” weights and reps (Rx) Scaling Guide: 16-36 Rounds. Compare to: February 28, 2016 Coaching Tips: Be conservative in the beginning rounds. You will also want give the sled a good ‘shove’ with the arms at the call of “Rest”.

Optional ‘Cash Out’:

May 19, 2016 Thursday

Metabolic Conditioning: “Filthy Fifty“

================================== Box jumps - Performance: 24”, Athletic*:20”, Health:12” Kettlebell swings - Performance: 35lbs, Athletic*: 26lbs, Health: 18lbs Push press - Performance*: 45lbs, Athletic: 33lbs, Health: 20lbs Wall balls - Performance: 20lb/10ft, Athletic*:14lb/9ft , Health: 10lb/8ft *Women’s “As Prescribed” weights and reps (Rx) Scaling Guide: 35 minute cutoff, scale accordingly “Dirty Thirty” Option – If this is your first time attempting this workout, do the D30 version. It is the same workout, but only 30 repetitions of each movement is performed. If you have completed the D30 version before in under 20 minutes, then you can think about upgrading to the full Filthy Fifty. Coaching Tips: Pace the reps for the long haul, but don’t get into the habit of standing around. Just keep moving. You are better off doing smaller sets with shorter rests (rather than doing a big set with long rest, or a big set then down to singles). Most people can move through the movements at a good pace to get winded, but the knees to elbows are a big sticking point. Plan on going hard on the other movements and then pacing out the knees to elbows into very small sets in the beginning so that you catch your breath (almost like active recovery right in the middle). After the knees to elbows are done, hit it hard again. Remember that the wall balls, burpees and double unders must be completed at the end, in the written order (because it is more difficult that way). Crank through the wall balls at a pace that will let you get right into the burpees. Do slower burpees if needed, but try not to break these up too much. Just fall down and get up (over and over again).

Diablo MetCon - Dirty Thirty

May 18, 2016 Wednesday

Skill Practice Warm Up:

========================= Pause Power Clean = 3 sec pause at the knee. Adjust load each round (up or down according to form), but keep it in the 50-70% range of your max.

Diablo MetCon - Cradenza

Metabolic Conditioning: “Diesel Power“

================================== Power clean - Performance: 155lbs, Athletic*: 95lbs, Health: 55lbs Ring dips - Performance: 7 reps, Athletic*: 4 reps, Health: 7 push ups Bumper plate burps - Performance: 45lbs, Athletic*: 25lbs, Health: 15lbs *Women’s “As Prescribed” weights and reps (Rx) Scaling Guide: 2-4 rounds, about 5:30 per round including rests Compare to: June 25, 2015 Coaching Tips: Go heavy on power cleans - you will have a minute rest before each set of them to recover and get ready each round. Take it up 5 or 10lbs from your “regular” metcon power clean weight. Get your legs under you before you stand up with the bumper plate, and do not lift it with your back. As your legs fatigue this will be an issue - be aware of it.

May 17, 2016 Tuesday


======================== As heavy as you can go! Testing front squat is next!


======================== Superset with Front Box Squats. For depth but stick with the same height for all sets.

Metabolic Conditioning: “10 minute Cindy“

================================= *Women’s “As Prescribed” weights and reps (Rx) Scaling Guide: 8 - 16 rounds, about 45s per round. Scale Up: chest to bar pull ups, ring push ups, goblet squats (35/26) Coaching Tips: Go with big sets from the beginning on this one (unbroken as long as possible). Then start breaking in the middle of the sets but avoid resting between movements. Hustle to the next movement and get some reps done before pausing/breaking to chalk. For example, break in the middle of the set of squats, get chalk, then finish the set and go right into the pull-ups (don't finish the squats, get chalk, then start the pull-ups). Gym etiquette - don't overdue the chalk and leave handprints everywhere! Before starting, make a plan for counting rounds – it is easy to lose count/miscount on this WOD. You should be aiming for significantly more than 1/2 of the rounds of your full (20 minute) Cindy.

Optional ‘Cash Out’:

======================== OR airdyne calories

May 16, 2016 Monday

Diablo MetCon