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May 24, 2019 Friday


May 23, 2019 Thursday

Pulmonary Pump L

alternate with the amraps

Pulmonary Pump R

Alternate with 800m runs

May 22, 2019 Wednesday

May 21, 2019 Tuesday

May 20, 2019 Monday

Breaking Murph

^20lb vest optional

May 18, 2019 Saturday

Deadly Ropes

May 17, 2019 Friday


7 Years ago a boy from Vegas names Elliot Ortega began his battle with cancer. We had a fundraiser for him in November of 2012. We had over 200 people attend and about 160 people participate in Elliott’s workout! Both SinCity CrossFit, SinCity CrossFit South, and CrossFit Spangdahlem in Germany programmed “Elliott” and contributed donations. We are humbled by the strong community of CrossFitters with which we get to train every day. We set out with the goal of helping Elliott and his family in any way we could, and the response was overwhelming. Everyone came together to donate in some way and at the end of the week, our final count came to $8,052.00!!!!!! Later on after he received his new liver, he was diagnosed with the worst type of Leukemia (AML).  Elliott fought for his life like a champ again and again over the last 7 years. He battled 3 different types of cancer, liver transplant and 2 bone marrow transplants. His family held garage sales over the years to pay for his cancer treatments.  Unfortunately, on April 18, 2019 Elliot’s fight with cancer came to an end. There is a memorial and celebration of his life on Saturday May 18th in Kansas City. Here at SinCity CrossFit we will be remembering and honoring him by once again performing the “Elliott” workout.  Click here to for the family's go fund me page - Elliott

May 16, 2019 Thursday

Shuttle Bell

May 15, 2019 Wednesday


May 14, 2019 Tuesday

May 13, 2019 Monday

Step Up 4

May 10, 2019 Friday

May 09, 2019 Thursday

May 08, 2019 Wednesday

Cindy Rowed & Rode Again

4 rounds for max reps in 5 minutes of: 25/20 calorie (buy in) 5 pullups 10 pushup 15 air squats 1 minute rest between rounds *row on odd rounds and bike on even rounds

May 07, 2019 Tuesday

Roadrunner 2

May 06, 2019 Monday