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July 22 Sunday

July 21 Saturday

Partner Workout. One Person working at a time. Split Mile up into 200 Meters. Break everything else up however you see fit.

July 20 Friday

July 19 Thursday

Every :90 seconds for 15 Minutes. 10 Total Rounds

Has to be completed in sets of 3s. 3x10 For time. If you fail while doing a set of 3, then those wont count.

July 18 Wednesday

July 17 Tuesday

For Max Reps

July 16 Monday

July 15 Sunday

July 14 Saturday

Partner WOD. Split reps however.

July 13 Friday


100 Meter Run every break

July 12 Thursday



July 11 Wednesday

July 10 Tuesday

July 9 Monday

2x2 Minute AMRAP: 10 Dumbbell Burpees 14 Dumbbell Lunges Max Calories on Rower (In remaining time) -Rest 2 Minutes-

Rx+- Muscle Up into Ring Dips

July 8 Sunday

July 7 Saturday

Partner Workout. "You go I go" style. One partner works while the other rests for full rounds.

July 6 Friday

Work to Heavy Single

3-5 Rounds (Not For Time): 10-20 GHD Sit-ups 8/8 Bicep Curl 10/10 Elevated SIngle Leg Bridge :30-:45 Hang from Bar

July 5 Thursday

Every :90 seconds for 12 Minutes. Building in weight.

July 4 Wednesday

July 3 Tuesday

Single Arm Hang Clean and Jerks and Dumbbell Snatches are 10 each arm.

July 2 Monday

Superset. Once done with 3 Reps on Bench walk straight to Bent over Barbell Row and do 5 reps and then Rest. Building.