April 08, 2020 Wednesday

5 RFT: Run and DB Hang Power Snatch

* Alternate arms to split reps (Sets of 8 on each arm) * Sub KB Sumo DL High Pull (mix it up) or a KB Swing

April 07, 2020 Tuesday

4 RFT: Burpees and Air Squats

* Goal: 5 minutes per round...can you do it in 4 minutes?

April 06, 2020 Monday

AMRAP 16 mins: Dumbbell Box Step-ups, Dumbbell Push Press and Double Unders

* Single Arm DB PP alternate each arm 8 reps * DU Sub: 48 Single Under Pogo Jumps or 48 Lateral Line Hops

April 04, 2020 Saturday

Team WOD: AMRAP 15 mins: Run and Single Dumbbell Thrusters

* As a Team of 2 complete AMRAP 15 Minutes of Run and DB or KB Thrusters. * Partners will alternate each FULL round (one works, one rests). Swap after each run. Can do single arm thrusters or can do two hand thruster hold DB/KB in front rack.

Solo WOD: 8 RFT: Run and Single Arm Dumbbell Thrusters

* Individual Option * 100m run should be a sprint, complete 4 reps per arm single arm thrusters or 8 reps with two hand front rack hold thruster on DB/KB

April 03, 2020 Friday

Support Your Local Box Fundraiser - Workout 1

* Sub KB for DB and either snatch or complete a KB C&J

Checkout Option: 5 RFT: Double Unders and Run

* Optional while waiting for Support Your Box Open WOD announcement

April 02, 2020 Thursday

AMRAP 12 mins: One Arm Devil Press and Box Jump Overs

* One arm DP, watch video for technique tips. Alternate arms or split every 4 reps. For KB, perform burpee then complete a one arm KB Snatch or a KB Clean and Jerk. Don't snatch KB if you are banging your wrist. Switch to Burpee + two handed Sumo High Pull. If you don't have a box do 8 Jumping Squats AKA Tuck Jumps.

April 01, 2020 Wednesday

AMRAP 12 mins: Single Arm Front Rack Walking Lunges, Single Arm Bent Over Rows and Double Unders

* Alternate arms as needed. Use DB or KB. Double Under Sub: 72 Single Unders or 36 line hops (lateral)

March 31, 2020 Tuesday

21-18-15-12-9-6-3: Kettlebell Swings and Push-up (hand release)

* Sub DB for KB swing. Use two hands and swing DB between legs to overhead using straight arms and KB technique. Keep back flat and core braced, eyes up.

March 30, 2020 Monday

AMRAP 15 mins: AbMat Sit-ups, Single DB Hang Clean & Jerks and Dumbbell Goblet Squats

* Hang C&J are not alternating. Break as needed to complete 15 per arm. If you have a KB, sub a hang C&J.

March 28, 2020 Saturday

FT: Air Squats, Double Unders, Air Squats and Double Unders

* DU scale = 150 singles OR complete 100 line hops (jump laterally over a line; each jump =1 rep)

March 27, 2020 Friday

"Tabata" - Mountain Climbers, DB or KB Hang Snatches and Supine Toes-to-bars

* Mountain Climbers are Wide Stance (heel to hand) 1 count * DB or KB Snatch complete each 20 sec with one arm, then alternate to opposite arm for next 20 sec (4 x 20s each arm) * Supine T2B - lay flat and grab DB/KB overhead and raise toes to touch DB/KB

March 26, 2020 Thursday

4 RFT: Run, Single Arm Dumbbell Rows, and Single Arm Thrusters

* Use KB or DB

March 25, 2020 Wednesday

3 RFT: Double Unders, Goblet Squats, Lateral Burpees, Hollow Rocks and OH Tricep Extensions

* sub KB for DB and lay on it's side for burpees. OH Tri Extension is two hands holding DB head or KB Handle. Lower behind head.

March 24, 2020 Tuesday

FQ: Handstand and HS Walk Practice

* Practice HS, HSPU or HS Walk depending on space. Scale to HS hold and shoulder taps

Opt. 1: AMRAP 10 mins: Handstand Push-ups and Alternating DB Snatches

* Scale to 10 Pike pushups or 10 shoulder taps for HSPU

Opt. 2: AMRAP 10 mins: Handstand Push-ups and KB Swings

* 53/35 KB. Scale to 10 Pike pushups or 10 shoulder taps for HSPU

March 23, 2020 Monday

AMRAP 15 mins: Hand Release Push-Ups, Reverse Lunges and Sit-ups

* Lunges are alternating. If you don't have an AbMat then fold a towel over to fit into your lumbar curve similar to an AbMat

March 21, 2020 Saturday

Opt. 1: 10 RFT: Single DB Hang Clean & Jerks, DB Box Step-ups and Single Arm Overhead Carries

* If you have a KB see Alternate Option 2 ** For Box alternate, find a bench, wall, or other object you are comfortable stepping up to with DB. *** Sub DB or KB Goblet Alternating Reverse Lunge for Step ups.

Opt. 2: 10 RFT: Kettlebell Sumo Deadlift High-pulls, KB Box Step-ups and Single Arm KB Overhead Carry

* If you have a DB see Alternate Option 1 ** For Box alternate, find a bench, wall, or other object you are comfortable stepping up to with KB. *** Sub DB or KB Goblet Alternating Reverse Lunge for Step ups.

March 20, 2020 Friday


* Scale to single unders

March 19, 2020 Thursday

Opt. 1: 5 RFT: Run and Alternating DB Snatch

* Choose Opt. 1 or 2. Or if you have a barbell complete 20 PS reps at 45#/33# each round. Don't drop DB.

Opt. 2: 5 RFT: Run and Kettlebell Swings

* Choose Opt 1 or 2, use a mat under KB if you can

March 18, 2020 Wednesday

Pt. 1: Tabata Push-ups

* These are push-ups with full range of motion, chest to deck, full lockout, planked and thighs off ground. Any other version is scaled. Or sub hand release.

Pt. 2: FT: 400m Walking Lunge

* Knee should gently touch the ground. Ensure the lunge is in line with the shoulders and the knee doesn't go forward of toes, keep hands off quads,

March 17, 2020 Tuesday

"Death By" - Burpees : 1 rep + 1 rep / 1 min Death By Burpee

* Use a stopwatch or the timer on your phone. No mats needed!

March 16, 2020 Monday

4 RFT: Run and Air Squats

* COVID Shutdown Day 1: You do not have to use mats!!!

March 14, 2020 Saturday

Team WOD: AMRAP 20 mins: Row, Thrusters and Kettlebell Swings

March 13, 2020 Friday

Snatch Pull + Hang Power Snatch 1-1-1-1

* Use mats