September 23, 2010 Thursday

Strength WOD

September 22, 2010 Wednesday

Range of Motion: Each Thruster must be below parallel in the bottom (crease of the hip below the knee), and locked out overhead (elbow straight, ear in front of the arm) at the top. Run should be completed on flat ground.

September 21, 2010 Tuesday

September 20, 2010 Monday

September 18, 2010 Saturday

FGB V Fundraiser for: The Wounded Warrior Project, Livestrong, and the CF Foundation Eligibility for participation: We will only allow those who make a minimum donation or raise funds the opportunity to complete the workout. 1. Raise funds via your

September 17, 2010 Friday

September 16, 2010 Thursday

Scaling: HSPU - Use 1 AbMat or Pike off Box or floor Knees to Elbows - Knees to chest or Knees to Waist

September 15, 2010 Wednesday

Alternate WOD for anyone who completed "343" on Tuesday.

September 14, 2010 Tuesday

September 13, 2010 Monday

September 11, 2010 Saturday

Scaling: * Complete as a Team of 2 and divide the reps ** Scale the load

September 10, 2010 Friday

September 09, 2010 Thursday

September 08, 2010 Wednesday

Lifters should be ready and switching weight loaded on bars on racks for their round. 10 second pause to reset clock after each 90 second interval. No exceptions. Upon completion of your 90 seconds go to board and write your load and # of box jumps for th

September 07, 2010 Tuesday

Rest 1 min. between rounds and subtract 2 min. from total time for score. Clock will continue to run. * Note split time after each completed round and then start next round 1 minute after each round completes. **Post split times and total time (-2 minu

September 04, 2010 Saturday

September 03, 2010 Friday

September 02, 2010 Thursday


September 01, 2010 Wednesday

Must use Push Jerk, no Push Press allowed or results in no rep.

Post Strength WOD: SDHP must touch ground to pull under chin with high elbows. Push Jerk must be used, push press or press is "no rep".

August 31, 2010 Tuesday

August 30, 2010 Monday

August 29, 2010 Sunday

* Advanced: Use a weight vest or med ball and trade off with partner as needed.

August 27, 2010 Friday

August 26, 2010 Thursday