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March 09, 2019 Saturday

Partner Alternating Row

March 08, 2019 Friday

March 07, 2019 Thursday

Sailing Lessons

Storms can either destroy you or teach you how to sail. Sail through this challenging routine for your spine, IT band, hamstrings, groin, hips, and glutes.

March 06, 2019 Wednesday

March 05, 2019 Tuesday

March 04, 2019 Monday

March 02, 2019 Saturday

Partner Warm-Up

Complete one movement before moving on to the next. Split work evenly between partners. Alternate runs every 200m.

Partner Alternating Rounds

Partner A-10 rounds Partner B-10 rounds

March 01, 2019 Friday

February 28, 2019 Thursday

Simple and Significant

Simple things can have dramatic significance. Find the significance in this routine for your shoulders, chest, upper back, knees, ankles, quads, hips, groin, glutes, and lower back.