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Terrapin CF Partner Halloween WOD

Chipper: Rows, 400 m, Overhead Walking Lunges and 4 more

For time: Row, 1200 m Run, 400 m Overhead Walking Lunge, 14 lbs, 200 ft 100 Wall Balls, 14 lbs, 10 ft 50 Trunk Twists, 14 lbs 25 Box Jump Overs, 20 in Run, 400 m

Partner Halloween WOD: Grab a Pumpkin (orange/red med ball) and Complete For Time: 1200 m Row 400 m Run 200ft Overhead medball Walking lunge 100 Wall balls 50 Standing back to back Med Ball trunk rotations 25 Box Jump Overs (20”) 400 m Run *Immediate 20 burpee penalty each time your pumpkin touches the ground during the WOD. * Only 1 person working at a time.

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