June 28 Wednesday

June 27 Tuesday

June 26 Monday

Blue - strict press 75% bodyweight (rack ok) Green - strict press 50% bodyweight (rack ok)

Blue 65/45 Green 55/35

June 23 Friday

Sit ups and push ups can be broken up as needed.

June 22 Thursday

Break 40 knees to elbow into any program of sets and reps that you can do unbroken.

June 21 Wednesday

Post round with lowest number of reps

Bodyweight Rhapsody

For deficit push ups, men use 45 lb plate, ladies 25 lb plate. For this WOD, each side of windshield wiper counts as 1.

June 20 Tuesday

June 19 Monday

June 16 Friday

June 15 Thursday

June 14 Wednesday

Blue 185/135 Green 155/95

June 13 Tuesday

June 12 Monday