December 10, 2014 Wednesday

:90 rest after each set of shoulder press then complete set of 10-15 toes to bar

Done in between sets of shoulder press after :90 rest

Conditioning 12/10/15

Three sets for max reps of: Pull-Ups in 60 seconds Rest 30 seconds 95/65 lbs Thrusters in 60 seconds Rest 30 seconds Double Unders x in seconds Rest 30 seconds

December 09, 2014 Tuesday

Do your set of deadlifts, rest :20 and then complete set of ring push ups for max reps

done between each set of deadlifts

Mens target 10 feet/ ladies target 9 feet

December 08, 2014 Monday

4 sets of cleans done as four singles with 10 seconds rest between attempts

Men's box 24 inches/Ladies box 20 inches