September 12, 2016 Monday

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A. Good Mornings

6x3x40% (of Back Squat 3RM) Rest 60 secs b/t sets

B. Strict Pull Up

3 sets Reps are based on your 60-sec ME test from D-Cycle. If you performed 10+ reps. You’ll perform 3×6 today 8-10 reps = 3×5 today 5-7 reps = 3×4 If you don’t have Strict Pull Ups, the sub is Ring Rows Rest 90 secs b/t sets

September 10, 2016 Saturday

Swim 3 (D6)

Bike 3 (D6)

Run 3 (D6)

Row 3 (D6)

September 09, 2016 Friday

Warm-Up & Skill

Warm Up 3 rounds of: 200m Run (Or Row 250m/Swim 100m/Ride 500m/Ruck 150m) 5x Barbell Shoulder to Overhead 10x Air Squat 10x Barbell Good Morning Banded Hip Distraction 2:00/side Skill Kettlebell Arm Bar Alternate sides for 4 mins Hold the static “end” position for as long as stability allows.

Sport Specific Conditioning

**Row 250 (Or Run 200m/Swim 100m/Ride 500m), depending on your sport. Change the "Row" movement to what you did.

Cool Down

400m Walk and Breathe 15x Cat/Camel’s 10/10x Leg Swings (Front/Back & Side to Side) Roll Hamstrings 2:00/side

September 08, 2016 Thursday

A. Sumo Deadlift 3RM

*15 minutes to determine 3RM

B. Strict Chin-ups

C. Bulgarian Split Squats

5 x 3/3 @ +5-10# on last week

D. Hollow Rock

Accumulate 2:00-mins Rest 1:30 and repeat Use scaling option of choice

September 07, 2016 Wednesday

Swim 2 (D6)

Bike 2 (D6)

Run 2 (D6)

Row 2 (D6)

September 06, 2016 Tuesday

Use a load that is tough but enables you to complete 4 G2OH reps unbroken

September 05, 2016 Monday

Swim 1 (D6)

Bike 1 (D6)

Run 1 (D6)

Row 1 (D6)

A) 3RM Back Squat

15 mins to determine 3RM

B) Barbell Row & Step Ups

Bent Over Barbell Row (supine grip) 5 x 3 @ +5-10# on last week Barbell (on back) Step Ups 5 x 3/3 @ +5-10# on last week. Keep one foot on box for all 6 repetitions

C) Plank Hold

2 x 2:00 accumulated hold Rest 2:00 between sets

September 04, 2016 Sunday

N=1: The Compass and Map Test Matrix

September 03, 2016 Saturday

N=1: The Compass and Map Test Matrix

September 02, 2016 Friday

Swim 3 (D5)

1km @ 90% of 800m TT

Bike 3 (D5)

25 MI @ 90% 20 MI