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Diablo CrossFit Athlete Report

May 23, 2014 - May 22, 2015

The report is a combination of workout results, lifestyle questions and weigh ins. The aim is to provide an overview of an athlete's fitness growth, potential and possible weaknesses.

How Jen Felt Current Change
Good --NA
Bad --NA
Weigh Ins Current Change
Weight NA NA
Abdomen NA NA
Body Fat Percentage NA NA
Lean Mass NA NA
Upper Arm NA NA
Performance Current Change
Personal Records 3
Pukies 0
Fish Oil (Grams of EPA/DHA) Current Change
None --NA
Less Than 4 --NA
4-7 --NA
More Than 7 --NA
Benchmarks - 1 Date
Grace - 3 mins 51 secs | Rx'd 52 secs 2014-06-04
Programming Current Change
Monostructural 22.2%
Gymnastics 22.2%
Weightlifting 100.0%
Workout Sessions 9
Workout Days 7
Rest Days 358
Mobility Work Current Change
None --NA
1-4 Minutes --NA
5-9 Minutes --NA
10-29 Minutes --NA
More Than 30 Minutes --NA
Sleep Quantity Current Change
Less Than 1 Hour --NA
1-4 Hours --NA
5-6 Hours --NA
7-8 Hours --NA
More Than 8 Hours --NA
Diet Current Change
Good --NA
Bad --NA
Zone --NA
Paleo --NA
Water Intake Current Change
Under 1/2 Body Weight (oz) --NA
Over 1/2 Body Weight (oz) --NA