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  • Journal Entry: Small workout
    Skill: 15 min alternating EMOM 3 strict press + 6 push press (started at 55, lowered to 45 halfway) 30 DUs Wasn't able to do 30 in a minute, so I strung as many DUs I could in 40 seconds... I had ~15 in a row once! 3 rounds of 20-25 air squats, alternating with 10 seconds of handstand holds Stretched the rest of the time. Body is very sore Patrick told me about fundamental stretches - need to look into this
  • Journal Entry: Run
    2.4 Miles Ankles/ knees a bit sore after... Don't have real running shoes so I used metcons.
  • Journal Entry: OLY workout
    Logging as journal entry because I didn't follow rep scheme properly. Worked from 55-65 pounds for Snatch Snatch Pull (35#) Snatch Balance (35#) Snatch (supposed to be 3-3-2-2-1-1) --> Just did a lot of snatches to practice form "single movement, high pull" Front squat (3) 4 @ 85% My max is ~ 140 lbs. I did 115 lbs (82%), and I built up to it. Not all four rounds were at 82%.
  • Journal Entry: Snatch practice
    Worked on snatch practice (20-30 snatches over an hour) trying to utilize some guidance given in previous WODs. Stayed at a low weight of 55 lbs to practice movement. I'm having trouble staying consistent with form, especially trying to do 2-3 reps in a row. I think I made my back a little sore from previous OLY practice and this. Probably due to form and heavy deadlifts.
  • Journal Entry: Snatch practice
    Went to Open Gym Warm up with row machine. Worked on overhead squats with empty bar. Then worked on a little bit of snatch practice.