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Movements Gymnastics Wall Ball

Overview & Demo

Using a medicine ball, perform a front squat. Upon rising out of the bottom of the squat, violently extend the knees and hips and use the power/momentum generated to toss the ball upwards towards a target. All "air squat" rules apply. Keep the ball as close to your body as possible in order to stay nice and upright.


Dynamax Medicine Balls
Ultra high quality same-size medicine balls constructed of recycled materials, entirely in the USA! These were the first balls on the market with enough padding to be used safely at high velocities. The success of the Dynamax medicine balls is largely responsible for the current widespread use among athletic programs and fitness facilities. They have spawned many competitors. As a result many implements labeled "medicine ball" are available, but not all balls are created equally. To avoid the pitfalls of selection, one should ask this primary question: Can I catch this ball when thrown at its highest velocity? If the answer is yes, you have a training tool for life. If not, you need to consider Dynamax. -

Totals (9 posts)

Reps 514
Weight (lbs)7196
Distance (m)9
Time (min)3

Max Weights (In Pounds)

8 Reps 14
10 Reps 14

Recent Posts

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  • 25 reps @ 14 lbs 3 times from 3 RFT: Rows, Wall Balls and Toes To Bars on Aug 10, 2013

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CrossFit Coach's Prep Course

The movements page is a breakdown from your workout programming. It is a great tool for analysis, but it does not show you how to effectively design, scale or evaluate your programming. We highly recommend attending the CrossFit Coach's Prep Course to learn how. We attended the course and learned a lot. Check out the Intro To Course video by Chris Spealler and Nicole Caroll.