• First "practical" day of physical therapy for my SI (sacral-illial) joint issues. The PT is also addressing significant posterior chain weakness - - particularly the glutes. Sore after just 30 minutes of exercises and stretching!
  • Journal Entry: 100727 Tuesday
    Messed up on the box schedule today and arrived as everyone was finishing up. No 7 PM class, which I was hoping for.....DOH. Got in a splendid 2 mile run though. Had to walk a bit, but the run was a bit faster than I have been doing and felt good. I love running - -how it clears my head.
  • Steve Lampl
    July 27, 2010
    Not Rx'd. Walked an estimated total distance of about 800m to take stress of R/hamstring. Ran the remaining 2400m. Hamstring felt good!
  • Steve Lampl
    July 26, 2010
    Shoulder Shrugs only, no jumping. Saturday 100724 modified workout.
    3 rounds of: 10 Jump Shrugs 35 lbs
  • Steve Lampl
    July 26, 2010
    Saturday 100724 modified workout.
    3 rounds of: 10 Dumbbell Shoulder Press 35 lbs
  • Steve Lampl
    July 23, 2010
    First day of practical physical therapy. Targeted glutes and hamstrings. Lots of strengthening exercises and stretches. No WOD today. No muscle ups or power cleans, as shown.
    Muscle-ups Power Cleans
  • Journal Entry: 100723 Friday
    Right hamstring continues to improve. Worked a bit on muscle up progressions today after the workout. I just about have my MU; just need to work on my strength for the transition from the pull to my shoulder level/chest to the push back and down with my arms and pushing my head through over my center of gravity to stay centered over the rings.
  • Steve Lampl
    July 23, 2010
    Used 20" box height (tractor tire). R/hamstring still not up to par for 24" jumps.
    150 Box Jump (20 In.)s 192 lbs
  • Journal Entry: 100722 Thursday
    WOD today was rough. Subbed pull-ups and ring dips for muscle-ups. Got all 9 pull-ups per round unbroken, dips were on rings first two rounds, bar dips (3rd round), and then jumping assist ring dips last four rounds. Runs were terrible - - just can't seem to find my wheels after doing thrusters.... Coach said form was good on squat clean thrusters.... :-)
  • Steve Lampl
    July 22, 2010
    Subbed 3 pull-ups / 3 ring dips for each muscle up. Total was 9 each per round.
    7 rounds of: 3 Muscle-ups 192 lbs 6 Squat Clean Thrusters 95 lbs 1 100 m Run
  • Journal Entry: 100721 Wednesday
    Right hamstring seems to be rehabbing nicely. Very mild protest when trying to jog/slow run wearing the vest and going more than about 100m at a time, but I went just a bit farther today anyway. Subbed a dead lift series for the 3 X 25 back squats - - felt good! Ready to add a bit more weight and drop the number of reps for deads soon.
  • Steve Lampl
    July 21, 2010
    Hamstring Rehab work; 1.5 miles walk (jogged about 400m) wearing 50# vest. 3 X 25 X 85# dead lifts
  • Journal Entry: 100720 Tuesday
    Did a 2-mile warm-up walk/slow run for hamstring rehab today. Walked one mile, ran/jogged the other mile. 22:49. Hamstring felt good. The 400s during the WOD also felt pretty good, but by the fifth round, I was ready for stretching....
  • Steve Lampl
    July 20, 2010
    Five full rounds plus 400m run. All runs were slow to protect right hamstring from re-injury. 25 reps on pull-ups for first round was a PR (old one was 21).
    400 m Runs 25 Pull-ups 192 lbs 400 m Runs 15 Pull-ups 192 lbs 400 m Runs 16 Pull-ups 192 lbs 400 m Runs 11 Pull-ups 192 lbs 400 m Runs 15 Pull-ups 192 lbs
  • Journal Entry: 100719
    No workouts this weekend: Full workday Saturday outside of box hours; no time for WOD at home or rehab work. Sunday: Rest day. Today: Hamstring feels really good. Minor stiffness on jogging, but definitely improving. Greatest improvement noted on application of heavier lifting - - tried a few front squats - - heaviest at 115# today, with no ill effects.
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