23 Journal Entries

  • Journal Entry: 100810 Tuesday
    Physical Therapy today: It WAS my workout! Lots of great progress and learning going on.
  • Journal Entry: 100803 Tuesday
    Warmed-up with an 800m walk, then easy 50m runs followed by 50m walks X 8 back to the box. Tried pulling on each stride instead of pushing off. The runs were the most effortless 50m each that I have ever run. There is something to this POSE stuff and to the SI joint / hamstring rehab I'm doing.
  • First "practical" day of physical therapy for my SI (sacral-illial) joint issues. The PT is also addressing significant posterior chain weakness - - particularly the glutes. Sore after just 30 minutes of exercises and stretching!
  • Journal Entry: 100727 Tuesday
    Messed up on the box schedule today and arrived as everyone was finishing up. No 7 PM class, which I was hoping for.....DOH. Got in a splendid 2 mile run though. Had to walk a bit, but the run was a bit faster than I have been doing and felt good. I love running - -how it clears my head.
  • Journal Entry: 100723 Friday
    Right hamstring continues to improve. Worked a bit on muscle up progressions today after the workout. I just about have my MU; just need to work on my strength for the transition from the pull to my shoulder level/chest to the push back and down with my arms and pushing my head through over my center of gravity to stay centered over the rings.
  • Journal Entry: 100722 Thursday
    WOD today was rough. Subbed pull-ups and ring dips for muscle-ups. Got all 9 pull-ups per round unbroken, dips were on rings first two rounds, bar dips (3rd round), and then jumping assist ring dips last four rounds. Runs were terrible - - just can't seem to find my wheels after doing thrusters.... Coach said form was good on squat clean thrusters.... :-)
  • Journal Entry: 100721 Wednesday
    Right hamstring seems to be rehabbing nicely. Very mild protest when trying to jog/slow run wearing the vest and going more than about 100m at a time, but I went just a bit farther today anyway. Subbed a dead lift series for the 3 X 25 back squats - - felt good! Ready to add a bit more weight and drop the number of reps for deads soon.
  • Journal Entry: 100720 Tuesday
    Did a 2-mile warm-up walk/slow run for hamstring rehab today. Walked one mile, ran/jogged the other mile. 22:49. Hamstring felt good. The 400s during the WOD also felt pretty good, but by the fifth round, I was ready for stretching....
  • Journal Entry: 100719
    No workouts this weekend: Full workday Saturday outside of box hours; no time for WOD at home or rehab work. Sunday: Rest day. Today: Hamstring feels really good. Minor stiffness on jogging, but definitely improving. Greatest improvement noted on application of heavier lifting - - tried a few front squats - - heaviest at 115# today, with no ill effects.
  • Journal Entry: 071016 Friday
    No specific hamstring rehab workout today. Used the WOD as rehab. Hamstring felt good - - definitely worked it without stressing it.
  • Journal Entry: 100714 Wednesday
    Rest days (unplanned) for both yesterday and today. DOMS yesterday; a bit better today. Feel good, but need to find a way to get in a workout between home and work schedules....
  • Journal Entry: 100712 - Monday
    R/hamstring healing well - - warm-up at CF Sonora today included 400m run. Slight discomfort when running (more like a slow jog) so limited run distance to total of about 200m.
  • Journal Entry: 100708 Thursday
    Hamstring Rehab Program Day #5. Back Squats @ 60# X 3 X 25. Hamstring felt good throughout - - not even minor discomfort. Skill Work: Hang Power Cleans @ 60#. Have needed lots of practice on these. 3 X 10 - practice quick transitions from the pull and shrug into the rack position. 5 X 5 - practice dropping under the bar on the pull and into the squat. These all went really well - - felt solid and sure of getting under the bar comfortably for the first time!
  • Journal Entry: 100707 Wednesday
    Hamstring Rehab Program Day #4. Back Squats at 55#. 3 X 25. Also did: Ring push ups 1 X 5 (unweighted) 2 x 5 with 20# vest Pull-ups: w/ 20# vest 1 X 1, 1 X 3 - total = 4.
  • Journal Entry: 100706 Tuesday
    Additional strength/skill work done: Ring Pushups w/20# weight vest: 3, 3, 3, 3, 3. Weighted pull-ups 10# dumbbell: 3, 3, 3, 3, 3. Shoulder Press 105# 3, 3, 3, 3, 3. Finished with 3 X 10 X 75#.
  • Journal Entry: Rest Week Off
    14th week of CrossFit after reset. Taking entire week off to re-group and review progress and goals, save for hamstring rehabilitation work.
  • Journal Entry: 100703 - Saturday
    Day 2 of Hamstring Rehab Program. Back Squat 3 X 25 X 55#. Hamstring felt good all sets. Double Under practice - - these stupid things still evade me after over a year and a half of pecking away at them...... Need to re-evaluate the purpose behind my CrossFitting.....seems like maybe my body (at my age) won't support what I'm asking it to do. I routinely injure myself every four to six months and have to accordingly back way off on training. Not progressing now. Perhaps trying for the Masters next year is unrealistic...
  • Following Coach Mark Rippetoe's hamstring rehabilitation workout routine. Day 1: Back Squats - strict form: 3 sets X 25 @ 45# No regular WOD performed today.
  • Journal Entry: 100627
    Rest day today. No workouts, planned or unplanned. Really needed to do nothing, though I am adjusting well to the extra WODs and/or skill and strength work. I am really beginning to understand the relationship between posterior chain strength and functionality in the CrossFit realm. I read on an acquaintance's log, the notation of having done 5 X 5s of one-legged box jumps (unknown height). I tried those the other day - - just a couple, and jumped perhaps 4" above the deck......that's all. No higher, and that lessened as I tried to do more than about three. Didn't matter which leg. My strength is slowly improving as I do more PC work - - air squats, dead lifts, etc. But it is frustrating. I need to be patient and practice, practice, practice.
  • Journal Entry: 100623 Wednesday
    Started entering most of my workouts (from my current Journal) into this (Beyond the Whiteboard) Log. Really excited about my performance today on the Main Page WOD. Even though I did this highly scaled, I kept the intensity where it needed to be. Even though this workout really hurt, I never thought I'd do so well. I know I need to push harder - - it's not going to kill me to do it either.....
  • Journal Entry: 100624 Thursday
    100m all-out row and bodyweight Fight Gone Bad. Rowing surprised me. Thought I might have a chance at the 14 second range. It'll take some work, but I think I can get there. BW FGB tells me I need a LOT more posterior chain strength and upper body endurance. Squats and push-ups lagging primarily.
  • Journal Entry: 100625 Friday
    Really pleased with this workout. Wish I had more endurance for the runs.....I found myself having to walk for a few meters before I could catch my breath and run/shuffle the rest of the way. Box jumps are getting better.....
  • Journal Entry: 100626 Saturday
    the Team WOD was an absolute blast. I love these kind of workouts, no matter how difficult - - all of us are working toward the same end and giving our best. Double unders are giving me fits......practiced for about a half-hour (throughout the morning) today and the best I could do was four in a row. BLEH! Still want to do a scaled version of "Kalsu," but my butt and hamstrings are pretty sore and stiff from several days of box jumps, squats, etc.