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Movements Monostructural Row

Overview & Demo

Using an indoor rower, with your butt on the seat, your feet in the straps, and your hands grasping the handle, pull your arms and extend your knees until your legs are fully locked out and the handle is touching your chest. The knees should extend before the arms begin to bend for optimum power. Return the handle to the starting position by extended the arms beyond the knees, then finally bending the knees. Cover a designated distance or perform for a specific amount of time.


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Totals (142 posts)

Reps 2100
Distance (km)231
Time (h)2

Min Times (In Minutes)

100 m 00:16
139 m 00:30
140 m 00:30
141 m 00:30
142 m 00:30
143 m 00:30
145 m 00:30
147 m 00:30
149 m 00:30
250 m 00:43
500 m 01:00
901 m 04:00
918 m 04:00
950 m 04:00
1000 m 03:27
2000 m 07:15
5000 m 20:14

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