11 Journal Entries

  • Journal Entry: snatch skill work
    Done a heap of extra snatches around 80% today. Really trying to get my form back. Working on keeping my hips down in the first pull and not jumping forward
  • Journal Entry: Swimming
    Done 5x 50m sprints then a 100m and finished with 1more 50m sprint.
  • Journal Entry: light speed work
    Done some light speed work on the snatch and power clean. No heavier then 70% of max on both lifts..
  • Journal Entry: Took another Rest day
    today I just didn't feel up to giving 100% to training. I have been feeling slow through all my training sessions since last week and my mood has been off so thought I would mobilise and take the day of and try get back into it tomorrow if I am feeling better. Just need some rest as training has been pretty intense lately.
  • Journal Entry: 7x200m sprints
    7x200m all out effort sprints. Rest as long as it take to walk back. Didn't time these just done them..
  • Journal Entry: Deload day
    Today worked a few doubles on the snatch at 60kg which is 60% MAX then worked on some jerks at about 80-90kg doing some doubles until they felt perfect.. Finished with a few light front squats
  • Journal Entry: deload day
    done outlaw way work but deloaded to 60% of power snatch and power clean&jerk for both part 1 and 2 Part 1 every 30seconds 1 power snatch, 1 hang snatch used 50kg (10 total reps) Part 2 every 40 seconds 1power clean, 1 hang clean, 1 push press used 65kg (10total reps) Conditioning 10 KB snatch into OH lunge (right arm, left leg) 10 KB snatch into OH lunge (left arm, right leg) 24kg used 20 burpees 30 air squats Just done it. not for time just got through it to get back into moving again.. Note deload is so boring
  • Journal Entry: Deload day
    Today was another deload day for me. I done snatch work from boxes at 60kg and done about 10x2 which is well bellow my normal weight I would use for this then I done about 5x2 cleans at 90kg then done some mobility work and that was all.. Was itching to train today so I know next week I am going to be very fresh and ready to PB I hope
  • Done skill work on the jerks at 85kg.. Done a few sets of doubles to get it feeling good Back squats done sets about 40-60% of max 1rm while using compression bands for mobility Then done pendlay rows and jumping good mornings way lighter then normal as well.. This arvo will be doing a 3km row at about a 1.55-2.00 min pace
  • Journal Entry: Snatch and Jerks 90%
    Worked up to 90% snatch then worked up to 90% jerk for doubles.. Didn't do to much due to the CrossFit comp the following day so took the rest of the day pretty easy..
  • Been feeling tight in the left side of my low back for a few weeks now but it hasn't been enough to stop me from training but after yesterdays session it got really tight. Today I got 90kg in my snatch, nearly had 95 (which is my PB) then decided to stop when I begin the cleans and felt it funny when I had 110kg. So I decided to rest it up, had a massage, hot shower and mobalising it. Keen to get good for monday