"Our use of the term "gymnastics" not only includes the traditional competitive sport that we’ve seen on TV but all activities like climbing, yoga, calisthenics, and dance where the aim is body control. It is within this realm of activities that we can develop extraordinary strength (especially upper body and trunk), flexibility, coordination, balance, agility, and accuracy. In fact, the traditional gymnast has no peer in terms of development of these skills." -Greg Glassman

Competence in these movements will demonstrate your ability to manipulate and control your body. Their beauty lies in their simplicity and functionality, which makes them staples of the CrossFit program.

[ 6 Months | 1 Year | All Time ]
Workout Date Result
Pull-ups : Max Set April 21, 2009 43 reps | Rx'd
Strict Pull-ups : Max Set April 29, 2009 20 reps | Rx'd
Weighted Pull-up : 1 Rep Max August 06, 2006 50 kg | 50 kg | Rx'd
Muscle-ups : Max Set October 09, 2014 4 reps | Rx'd
Push-ups : Max Set October 17, 2009 67 reps | Rx'd
Ring Dips : Max Set January 07, 2015 25 reps | Rx'd
Handstand Push-ups : Max Set May 15, 2009 6 reps | Rx'd
Double Unders : Max Set May 20, 2009 39 reps | Rx'd
L-Sit : Max Hold May 26, 2009 35 secs | Rx'd
Box Jump : Max Height NA No Result

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