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Mar 30, 2012

Lame! I had no mental toughness at the close of this WOD. I should have pushed myself harder to begin round 10, which would have been 1 second quicker. I just quit.

Death by Deadlift, 10m Sprint : 9.0 rounds | Rx'd

9 rounds of: 1 Deadlift 225 lbs 10 m Sprints

  • Work_icon ≈ 8,547 ft*lbs of work done.
  • Rank_icon Level NA worldwide.
  • Rank_icon Gym Rank: Sign In to see rank
  • Top_10_icon Top 10 at your gym. Flex on em!
  • Rank_icon_top_3 Top 3 at your gym. Podium time.

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