March 20, 2014

Dips went down in quality by R3. R1 was unbroken, R2,R3 were 8/7. Climb was 2" rope, legless up & down to compensate for the 12'. R3 I did get some leg friction on the way down. DU got better as I went, by R3 I was getting runs of 4-6.

Workout Level
AMRAP 12 mins: Ring Dips, Rope Climb (Legless)s and Double Unders : 3 rounds | 108 reps | Rx'd

12:00 AMRAP: 15 Ring Dips 1 Rope Climb (Legless), 15 ft 20 Double Unders

  • ≈ 24.3 (ft*lbs)/sec avg power output

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