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Bringing an athlete's experience and a coach's skill to shape well-rounded athletes on lifelong pursuits of high-level fitness.
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A Program by a CrossFit Games Athlete and Her Longtime Coach: Christy Adkins & John Main
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Christy Phillips Adkins: 8x CrossFit Games Athlete
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Balance Intensity and Volume with Carefully Designed Warm-ups, Movement Prep and Programming

Who Can Train United?

Training United is designed for athletes searching for a versatile training program. My CrossFit coach of nine years, John Main, and I work together to design warmups, workouts and strategies that strive to balance intensity and volume. In our experience, an average gym-goer spends about 90 minutes each training day among warmups, workouts, skills practice and cool-down. Depending on the athlete and the day, our sessions can average 90-120 minutes to complete. Most days, three written elements address strength and power development, metabolic conditioning and accessory work for skill progression, joint health and additional cardiorespiratory improvement.

The Training United Philosophy

We hope to shape well-rounded athletes for lifelong pursuits of high-level fitness. To us, this means connecting coach to athlete, and athlete to training. We want to know our athletes -- to share and understand their experiences so we can really help. And we want our athletes to know us -- to share and understand our thinking so they can really benefit. We're driven by the quality and thoughtfulness of an exercise program more than quantities of movements and methods, and we live improve your training without asking that you live to train.

Why Train United?

All members will be able to log results and track progress through Beyond the Whiteboard. They will also be able to use weekly “office hours” for training questions and general discussion. Each athlete will receive access to a private Facebook group for live monthly check-ins and Q&A sessions, and discounts will be available for products we love (with occasional giveaways, too!).

Your Whiteboard

A bird’s-eye view of your fitness and programming. Quickly log daily fitness attributes and find out what you need to get done today. See previous results and milestones so you know how to attack your WODs.

Individual Coaching Options

For those that would like feedback directly from either Christy or John, we have spots available to provide one-on-one coaching. The Training United program offered here is the foundational program for all athletes. With the individual coaching option, you will receive video reviews and feedback, and regular check-ins. As coach and athlete identify specific needs and goals, individualized modifications to the program may be made. The cost is $100/month in addition to the program subscription. To request this option, email us at

Fitness Level

A gauge for your overall Fitness and Progress. This is a single number that captures how your performance stacks up to the rest of the community.

Instant Analysis

Receive instant analysis for each workout result. View personal records, gym/world rankings, work/power output, and more. You'll also receive Workout Levels (1-99) that will tell you how good your result actually is. How decent is a 4:22 Fran? Where does a 322 lb Deadlift rank? Which is better? Workout Levels will tell you. Instantly.

Movement Analysis

Easily find your 1, 3, 5 or 10 rep max for lifts or analysis on other movements. Find out which movements are strengths and weaknesses.

Athlete Plans

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