Training United by Christy Adkins and John Main (CF-L4)
Bridging an athlete's experience and a coach's skill to shape well-rounded athletes on lifelong pursuits of high-level fitness.
Balancing intensity and volume through carefully designed warmups, skills practice and programming.
Quality over quantity: we value an athlete’s health and longevity both in and out of the gym.
A model of consistency and an 8x CrossFit Games athlete, Christy has been training and competing at the highest levels since 2009.
Christy and John in 2016 following her 7th qualification to the CrossFit Games -- teammates for 10 years.

The Training United Philosophy

We believe in developing a strong, skilled and knowledgeable community of athletes through thoughtful and comprehensive programming. We are devoted to helping our athletes connect with their training by sharing our process and rationale, as well as listening to their experiences and creating conversation to strengthen our investment in each other.

Is Training United Right for Me?

Training United is designed for competitive fitness athletes of all backgrounds searching for a balanced and sustainable program. Each day is covered from warmup to cool-down, including skills practice and detailed notes to help guide our athletes' approach and efforts. Depending on your track, most days will contain two (Essentials), three (Cornerstone) or four (Capacity) main workouts. These address strength and power development, metabolic conditioning and accessory work including supplemental gymnastics, strongman, sprinting, mobility and aerobic training. Masters competitors scaling is also given on each element when needed. Depending on the athlete and the day, our sessions can average 90 - 120 minutes to complete.

Individual Coaching Options

One-on-one coaching is available. The Training United program is foundational for all athletes. Individually coached athletes receive video reviews and feedback, and regular check-ins. For more information, email us at

Your Whiteboard

A bird’s-eye view of your fitness and programming. Quickly log daily fitness attributes and find out what you need to get done today. See previous results and milestones so you know how to attack your WODs.

Training United Program Details

In addition to daily multi-element programming, each Training United program includes: Weekly warmup and skills practice / Detailed coaches' notes to help guide approach and effort / Masters competitors scaling on each element when needed / Ability to log and track progress and results through Beyond the Whiteboard / Access to a private Facebook group for live check-ins and regular Q&A sessions.

Fitness Level

A gauge for your overall Fitness and Progress. This is a single number that captures how your performance stacks up to the rest of the community.

Training United Program Tracks

Essentials [2 training elements/day] / Competitor Cornerstone [3 training elements/day] / Competitor Capacity [4 training elements/day]

Instant Analysis

Receive instant analysis for each workout result. View personal records, gym/world rankings, work/power output, and more. You'll also receive Workout Levels (1-99) that will tell you how good your result actually is. How decent is a 4:22 Fran? Where does a 322 lb Deadlift rank? Which is better? Workout Levels will tell you. Instantly.

Training United Is:

In 2007 at a Gold’s Gym in Washington, DC, John was the fitness manager and brought Christy on as a trainer. A small crew including friend and colleague, Melody Feldman, began doing WODs. It wasn’t long before John and Mel opened CrossFit MPH and Christy caught the competition bug, qualifying for her first CrossFit Games in 2009 by winning the Mid-Atlantic. Since then, with John at the helm as coach and confidant, Christy has competed at the CrossFit Games in 8 out of 9 consecutive seasons. Our mission has always been to succeed at the highest level of competition while prioritizing health and longevity in training. From John’s 16 years in coaching to Christy’s years collaborating with world class sport coaches, performance practitioners and athletes, we know how to reach and compete at the top of our sport. Now we’ve joined forces to give you the athlete-coach connection that we know works.

Movement Analysis

Easily find your 1, 3, 5 or 10 rep max for lifts or analysis on other movements. Find out which movements are strengths and weaknesses.

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