Begin by supporting your body with only your hands, in an inverted vertical position. Travel a given distance in this position by moving your hands, one in front of the other, similar to the way your feet move when walking. Keep your core tight and your toes pointed for further balance assistance.

CrossFit Journal Articles

  • The Freestanding Handstand Pushup
    Performing handstand push-ups (HSPUs) without the support of a wall or spotter dramatically increases the demands of the movement. The stabilization required during the movement provides a stimulus that is simply not present when the HSPU is assisted.
  • Learning the Handstand Walk
    Welcome to DogTown CrossFit, home of 2010 Games third-place finisher Valerie MacKenzie Voboril. Today, Dusty Hyland and Kelly Pearsall, two DogTown CrossFit coaches, are teaching the handstand walk. recently posted a WOD of a 100-meter handst
  • Handstand Drills Part 1: Ken C.'s Handstands
    Being able to balance one's inverted body on the hands is a lost skill in mainstream fitness today, but its benefits make it more than worth taking the time to master. Obviously, training handstands improves balance and increases shoulder strength," but,
  • The Handstand
    Handstands, hand walking, and pressing to the handstand are critical exercises to developing your athletic potential and essential components to becoming "CrossFit."

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