From a rigid plank position, with hands grasping a set of suspended rings, arms perpendicular to the floor and fully extended, lower yourself until your biceps touch the tops of the rings. Return to the starting position by pressing into the rings. Keep yourself as rigid as possible throughout. Limit any change in body angle as much as possible. Common mistakes include pivoting at the hips while descending. Ring push-up difficulty can be adjusted by changing the rings' height and placement. Generally speaking, the higher the rings (in relation to the floor) the easier the movement. Also, the closer the feet are to being directly under the point of suspension the easier the movement.


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CrossFit Journal Articles

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    What is more certain but poorly understood is that for nearly 150 years the men that worked the rings were in possession of an upper body strength that finds no equal in weightlifting or other calisthenics. The ringman, pound for pound, presents more uppe

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