Support your body, using only your hands, with your legs held perpendicular to the ground. L-sits can be performed using various apparatus including the floor, rings, parallel bars, and parallettes.

CrossFit Journal Articles

  • Three Important Ab Exercises
    Many so-called experts completely misunderstand the vital role of the hip flexors in controlling and motivating athletic movement. They miss the complex interrelationship between the hip flexors and the abdominal muscles.
  • Really Cool Homemade Parallettes
    Coach Greg Glassman provides step-by-step instructions for making really cool homemade parallettes out of PVC pipe for around $20.

CrossFit Level 2 Certificate Course

The movements page is a breakdown from your workout programming. It is a great tool for analysis, but it does not show you how to effectively design, scale or evaluate your programming. We highly recommend attending the CrossFit Level 2 Certificate Course to learn how.