Reach down and pick up an object. The starting position is wherever the object is, and the finished position is a fully upright stance with arms extended at your sides, holding the object. Can be performed using anything (ie. atlas stone, medicine ball, dumbbells), but is most often performed in a Gym using a barbell with bumper plates. Safe/efficient technique requires use of the hamstrings, glutes, and a rigid back.


  • Rogue Beater Bar
    The Beater bar is a 31 MM bar with no center knurling and has Olympic knurling marks. The shaft is black zinc and the sleeves are bright zinc coated. This bar is not made for competitive olifts, it is meant to be the bar that takes a high rep beating where the diameter of the shaft is not essential.
  • HG Rogue Bumpers
    Plate diameter: 450mm (IWF Standard is 450mm). Collar opening: 50.40mm. Insert type: Stainless Steel.
  • Rogue HG Collars
    Our all new ROGUE HG Collars, with patented locking mechanism that will hold on repeated drops!

CrossFit Journal Articles

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    It is a rather dim memory, but I have pictures and trophies that I am told are mine. I was once a decent deadlifter. My PR was 633, done on two separate occasions at a bodyweight of 220. So here I offer a new, rather long, analysis of the deadlift.
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    In this series on the deadlift, Tate offers a simplified approach. Pick the bar up. More specifically, he says, stay on the heels, shoulders start over or behind the bar, lean back, and stand up. Sumo style is better for some. His language reflects his ti

Olympic Lifting

Coach Burgener knows more about Olympic Lifting than anyone on this planet. If you want to improve your snatch and/or clean & jerk then you NEED to attend the CrossFit Specialty Course: Weightlifting. If you haven't heard of Coach B then you should slap yourself. Check out these CrossFit Journal articles for more info: The Burgener Warmup, The Stance, Clean & Jerk, Receiving The Bar, and Snatch Grip Position

Power Lifting

Improve your Deadlift, Bench Press and Backsquat with the CrossFit Specialty Course: Conjugate Methods. If Louie Simmons is good enough for the various NFL and NCAA football programs then he's good enough for you. Check out these CrossFit Journal articles for more info: Louie on the Conjugate System and Dynamic-Effort Day