March 02, 2018 Friday

Play Date

Open / Play day work on something that brings a smile to your face

March 01, 2018 Thursday


Openers - jeff curl - pec / bicep opener

1 set until muscle failure scale for approx 20 squats, 40m on sled drag


February 28, 2018 Wednesday


Openers - pec/bicep - oblique

ET for the first set, then scale for approx 20 reps of bodyweight dips

Animal Walks

The crab the crab with push ups the rabbit the panther the cricket each one until failure, rest 2 minutes then repeat


February 27, 2018 Tuesday


Openers - t-spine - jeff curl - shoulder Skill work 2 rounds 60s sloth viking press aim for quality and tension rest 60 seconds

1 set until failure bench is 4 narrow, 4 normal, 4 wide, repeat aiming for approx 15 reps rope pull aim for 30m


February 26, 2018 Monday


Openers - jeff squat - oblique Skil work 1 arm barbell OHS 60s for quality, each arm


February 23, 2018 Friday

Play day

play with an object, tool, or exercise that you want to and/or a yoga class, acro yoga if you can

February 22, 2018 Thursday


openers - lat row - jeff squat - oblique with legs

1 set to muscle failure aim for 20 reps on squats, and approx 40m on sled drag


February 21, 2018 Wednesday


openers - oblique - pec skill 2 rounds of 60s per side of sloth viking press 60s rest