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December 16 Saturday

2 person team workout. Each team must perform this with one lane of equipment, so Partner A will start on the dumbbell snatches, and Partner B will begin after Partner A has started on Burpee Box Jump-Overs.

December 15 Friday

tempo is 30X1; perform all 8 on left leg, rest then all 8 on right leg

perform all 5 on left arm, rest then all 5 on right arm

1 "rep" is 50m of the walk, directly following the DB push press on that arm

December 14 Thursday

December 13 Wednesday

December 12 Tuesday

December 11 Monday

December 9 Saturday

December 8 Friday

December 7 Thursday

December 6 Wednesday

December 5 Tuesday

December 4 Monday

December 2 Saturday

In teams of two, with only one person working at a time. *Both athletes perform the run at the same time.

December 1 Friday

each "rep" is a 25m carry

tempo is 2111

tempo is 20X1