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June 23 Saturday

A/B partner workout, alternating movements

June 22 Friday

June 21 Thursday

June 20 Wednesday

June 19 Tuesday

June 18 Monday

rest 5 seconds between jumps; step down each time

June 16 Saturday

June 15 Friday

June 14 Thursday

30 Cal on Rower for ladies

June 13 Wednesday

slow and controlled

each "rep" is 25 yards

June 12 Tuesday

jump as high as you can and land on the box as tall as possible, keeping the focus on the concentric portion of the jump; step down – do not jump down

June 11 Monday

June 9 Saturday

In teams of two, alternating rounds, complete five rounds each for time.

June 8 Friday

June 7 Thursday

1.1 (rest 5-10 seconds between each rep)