July 30, 2020 Thursday

Squat Specific Warmup-1 Round Only

Squat sit is exactly what it says, hold in a squat position for 1 min. Athletes, please see links below for movement examples. Coaches, demo movement for each class.

Teaching Movements-Front Squat

Squishy Legs

July 29, 2020 Wednesday

General Warmup

Teaching Movements

July 28, 2020 Tuesday

General Warmup

Take turns carrying the D-Ball 20 the length of the grass. Give it try running one......

Teaching Movements-Rope Climbs

July 27, 2020 Monday

General Warmup

Teaching Movements-Wall Ball

Specific Warmup-Wall Balls

Take your time on these, if you can string them together do it. If not, break the heavy Wall Balls up into smaller, doable sets.

July 25, 2020 Saturday

Happy Birthday, Bruce!

Happy Birthday, Jesse!

Happy Birthday, Brandie!

July 24, 2020 Friday

Warmup for Double Unders

Practice technique

Warmup for Bike

This is going to suck. I'm sorry!!!! But, this is a benchmark we all need to measure our improvement over time. 2 things will happen if you do this right. 1. You will very closely meet Pukie. 2. Be careful when you get off the bike because your legs will not work properly. Go all out. Hold nothing back. Take a look at the video for some tips.

July 23, 2020 Thursday

General Warmup

Teaching Movements-Front Squat

Teaching Movements-Burpee

Teaching Movements-Power Snatch

Teaching Movements-Lateral Burpee Over Bar

Teaching Movements-Overhead Squat

Teaching Movements-Toes to Bar