October 16 Tuesday

Partner Wod

row or bike

Gymnastics - Shoulder/Hip Mobility/Strenght

Gymnastics - Lever/Hangwaage

1st complete 5 Rounds of Front Lever and Hollow Body 2nd complete 5 Rounds of Back Lever and Arch Body Rocks

Gymnastics - Strenght Conditioning

Scale HS Walk: Walk around a box (2 rounds/1 round) Scale Rope Climb: Rope Row (3) Timecap 16 min

October 15 Monday

October 13 Saturday

October 12 Friday

scaling for front lever: tuck, advanced tuck, single leg scaling for handstandhold: frog stand, straight arm frogstand, wall handstand

sub for row: bike 1000 M, run 400 M

October 11 Thursday


October 10 Wednesday


Rest 5 min between A and B


October 9 Tuesday

October 8 Monday

October 6 Saturday

October 5 Friday


maintain excellent form on all three excercises

October 4 Thursday

A: Find your 1 rep max

if technique needs improvement, focus on tech not on weight.


October 2 Tuesday

scaling: push up, box dip, ring push up

October 1 Monday

scaling: pike push up, box push up

sub for row: bike and burpees over barbell w/20kg plates

September 30 Sunday

accumulate 100 hr push ups

Do 5 Dl otm, accumulate as many hr push ups in the remainder of the minute. Accumulate a total of 100 hr push ups / 70 hr push ups. Time cap is 10 min.

accumulate 100 air squats

same as above

September 28 Friday