September 5 Wednesday

10 x 1 min AMReps

do 15 air squats, then, in the remainder of the minute do as many reps as possible of g2o. This is a sprint!!

September 4 Tuesday

start at 70% of 1 rep max, increase weight in smal increments

September 3 Monday

from 10, 15, 20 kg plate - be careful! If you cant keep a neutral lumbar spine do conventional deadlifts. Talk to your coach.

September 2 Sunday

Pick one

August 31 Friday

August 30 Thursday

August 29 Wednesday

August 28 Tuesday

August 27 Monday

go for good form and speed, weight is secondary

sub bike for row or 21-15-9 sdhp w 24/20 kg kettlebell

August 26 Sunday

Partner up

August 24 Friday

August 23 Thursday

FRARL: go for good form hold endposition for 2 seconds. SSAKBP: 4 left 4 right, beginn with weaker arm.

August 22 Wednesday

August 21 Tuesday

spend 20 min on shoulder mobility and kipping practice

August 20 Monday

August 19 Sunday