May 15 Tuesday

May 14 Monday

May 13 Sunday

May 11 Friday

Find your 5 RM Snatch in 20 Minutes

May 9 Wednesday

Teams of 3

max rep thrusters, can only do thrusters after 300 M row is complteted. Men reduce weight by 10 kg women by 5 kg each round.

May 8 Tuesday

May 7 Monday

May 6 Sunday

May 4 Friday

May 3 Thursday

May 2 Wednesday

each round is a sprint!

April 30 Monday

work up to a heavy complex

April 29 Sunday

20 min to work up to a 1 rep max power clean

20 min to establish a 1 RM shoulder press

April 27 Friday


20X1= 2 second descent, no pause at botteom, expolode up, rest 1 second between reps

April 26 Thursday

April 25 Wednesday

10 rounds for time an total load

pick lead, changing weight during workout is allowed (time costly though)

April 24 Tuesday

April 23 Monday

sub for bike: 15 cal row or 20 wall balls

April 22 Sunday