August 1 Wednesday

July 31 Tuesday

July 30 Monday

July 29 Sunday


15 min to work on your muscle up

July 27 Friday

July 26 Thursday

July 25 Wednesday


work on your handstand

July 24 Tuesday

July 23 Monday

Roland G.

July 22 Sunday


Rest 3 min


Rest 3 min


accumulate as much holding time as possible in 5 min

July 20 Friday

July 19 Thursday

July 18 Wednesday


Teams of 3: Run as a team - then one partner works while the other partners rest. The partner who works carries the med ball. Once the workout begins the med ball may not touch the ground. Each time the med ball touches the ground the whole team must do 10 synchronized burpees.

July 17 Tuesday

July 16 Monday

July 15 Sunday

Do 4 burpees each time you put down the bar.

July 13 Friday

Team Chipper

Teams of 2. Partner A works while partner B rests. Reps can be distributed as needed.