December 20, 2018 Thursday

December 19, 2018 Wednesday

sub for row/bike: 25 burpees

December 18, 2018 Tuesday

Gymnastics - Bar Muscle Up Prep

= Hollow and Arch Snaps

Gymnastics - Skill - BMU

Scale BMU --> C2B PU --> KPU --> Kipping

Gymnastics - Modified Cindy

1. Round - 2. Round - 3. Round - Repeat Pull Up: Wide Grip Pull Ups - Close Grip Chin Ups - Ring Pull Ups Scale: Wide Grip Ring Row - Close Grip Ring Row - Face Pull Push Up: Wide Push Up - Close Grip Push Up - Handstand Push Up Air Squat: Kossack Squat - Close Stance Squat - Jumping Squat

December 17, 2018 Monday

side planks are alternating between right and left side

December 15, 2018 Saturday

December 14, 2018 Friday


adjust reps according to fitness level: less experienced athletes do more reps

December 13, 2018 Thursday


sub bike/double unders for row scale: bar muscle up to jumping bar muscle up

December 12, 2018 Wednesday

December 11, 2018 Tuesday

Gymnastics - Handstand Practice

Gymnastics - Handstand Preparation

Frog Stand --> Focus on Handbalancing Scpaula Pull Up --> Focus on Straigth Body (like Handstand) Handstand Hold --> Focus on active open shoulders and straigth body

Gymnastics - HS, Pull & Leg Conditioning

Handstand Walk --> 1,5 rounds around the box handstand walk Strict Pull Ups --> use band or feet on floor (Rings) if necessary High Box Jumps --> pre WOD 5 min of High Jump Practice Single Leg Squat --> each leg, assistence by plates or rack

December 10, 2018 Monday

December 08, 2018 Saturday


both partners must run together, partner switch on every single rep all other excercises.

December 07, 2018 Friday


go for good form, this serves a warm up to get ready for the workout, this is not a timed workout

row or bike for max distance until completion of the 3 min amrap - score is distance rowed or biked

December 06, 2018 Thursday


go through snatch variations, including kb & db snatches, form is most important - find out the snatch movement which suits you best in the workout

December 05, 2018 Wednesday