June 15 Friday

form is important, work up to a heavy complex

form is important, work up to a heavy complex

June 14 Thursday

June 13 Wednesday

remaining time of the class should be spend on mobility work.

June 12 Tuesday

time trial: 100 cal sub row for bike

June 11 Monday

June 10 Sunday

2 second pause at bottom

for the remainder of the amrap: as many front squats as possible

June 8 Friday

Partner wod

one partner works while the other partner rests

June 7 Thursday

June 6 Wednesday

Sub for row: Run 400 Meter, Bike 1000 M

June 5 Tuesday

go for good form

June 4 Monday


June 3 Sunday

June 1 Friday

May 31 Thursday

May 30 Wednesday

how far can you go?

you must pause between sets and restart, time cap 7 min

May 29 Tuesday

May 28 Monday

increase effort each round / sub for bike: 20 cal row or run 200 meters