February 4 Sunday

instead of rowing: bike 1/2 mile or do 75 double unders

February 2 Friday

rope climbs: ground-to-standing, regular, legless possible

time cap 15 min

February 1 Thursday


January 31 Wednesday

January 30 Tuesday


January 29 Monday

January 28 Sunday


AFAP: As Far As Possible: Time cap for 1st round: 5 min, for 2nd round 7 min, for 3rd round 9 min. Rest after 1st round 3 min, after 2nd round 4 min. Row or bike.

January 26 Friday


January 25 Thursday

sub for double unders: lateral bar hops

January 24 Wednesday

January 23 Tuesday


row or bike

January 22 Monday

each partner must do 3 reps within 1:30 - no extra time for increasing the load. Can be performed as ladder.

January 21 Sunday

Open Test

January 19 Friday

January 18 Thursday

January 17 Wednesday

January 16 Tuesday

alternate movements: v-up, sit-up, twist/v-up, sit-up, twist/v-up, sit-up, twist

January 15 Monday

January 14 Sunday

January 12 Friday