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March 21, 2019 Thursday

Recovery Day

Controlled movements, moderate pace on ergs 19.5 prep 3 min rest then next AltEMOM

Controlled movements, Tuck Jumps, moderate pace on ergs 19.5 prep

Cool down - Not For Time

March 20, 2019 Wednesday

Warm up - Not For Time

Technique Day

Scale to a weight that is manageable for all 40 reps. If going overhead is not happening today then focus on power clean.. Scale to DBs as needed

Cool down - Not For Time

Upper back & shoulders Quads & IT Band

March 19, 2019 Tuesday

Warm up - Not For Time

8/8 banded side steps alt. superman raises ---> left arm & right leg up, then right arm & left leg up.

Heavy Day!

We're going 1RM heavy today in the allotted sets. Plan your sets accordingly!

Rowing Balls

12 Min cap

March 18, 2019 Monday

Warm up - Not For Time

Triple EMOM

Part 1 of 3 12 cals men 10 cals women Rest 1 min then next

Triple EMOM

Part 2 of 3 Scale to a weight you can do 15 UB Rest 1 min then next

Triple EMOM

Part 3 of 3 Scale to a height you can jump to, step only if needed because of injury

Rest as needed between sets

March 16, 2019 Saturday

For doubles - Each Partner does half. If you are doing singles - double the number. I.e. 50/50 for doubles. 50/100 for double/single group. 100/100 for single single group. Cleans can be shared in any way as long as your partner does at least 1. WB - Synchronized is at the bottom of the squat.

March 15, 2019 Friday

March 14, 2019 Thursday

March 13, 2019 Wednesday

Barbell Class - Clean & Jerk 75% Bulgarian Split

Have your percentage weights of your 1RM's written down on a white board prior to class. Complete Warm up and be ready at 7:15 with lifters, wraps, tape, etc on. INDV. Warm Up: Post to Post Lunge and Twist Side Lunges Spider Lunge Alt. RDL + Hip Opener – Half Post Distance Inch Worm Push Up Downward Dog – Half Post Distance Squat Ankle Stretch

VetWOD 22

For awareness of the 22 Veterans who commit suicide everyday

March 12, 2019 Tuesday

You choose weight on snatches. Make them all touch & gos. Not going for a 3RM, practice touch & gos. Kip your hips up to the bar w/ long arms + BMU if able. If not aim for your highest PullUp or C2B.

We last did this 2/8/18

March 11, 2019 Monday

Kipping practice

March 09, 2019 Saturday

Partner WOD

At GO one partner completes the Farmer Carry while the other partner begins on the sit ups. When partner one comes in from the Farmer Carry they can then begin on the sit ups but only one partner works on the reps at a time. When sit ups are complete then one partner begins on the Farmer Carry while other partner begins on the Ass.Bike. Continue in this pattern until 20 minutes is complete