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January 17, 2019 Thursday

Classes will be the Bike Ergs only if needed. Classes using the Bike Ergs will rotate through them each round. Aim to do all Thrusters UB & push the pace on the Burpees as there is a rest immediate after them

January 16, 2019 Wednesday

Barbell Class - 50-70%

Complete Warm up and be ready at 7:15 with lifters, wraps, tape, etc on. INDV. Warm Up: Post to Post Lunge and Twist Side Lunges Spider Lunge Alt. RDL + Hip Opener – Half Post Inch Worm Push Up Downward Dog – Half Post Distance Class Warm Up: Wrist Circles Have your percentage weights written down prior to class. Front Squats - Start at approx. 50% of 1RM and add same incremental weight each set.

January 15, 2019 Tuesday

*4 - Right Arm DB Push Press / 4 - Left Arm DB Push Press *Find a DB weight that you can do UB and Keep moving.!

January 14, 2019 Monday

* Rest 2 minutes between sets * Make each set challening

January 12, 2019 Saturday

Partner WOD! Score is total Bike Cal + total Row Cal + Double under count. *Leap frog style Partner 1 starts on Ass Bike Partner 2 moves to Row cal Partner 1 does Double Unders Partner 2 Does Ass Bike and so on

January 11, 2019 Friday

January 10, 2019 Thursday

Transition practice Superset - HSPU practice

Scale HSPU to 7-4-3 Wall Climbs Scale HSPU to 7-4-3 Kick up to Push Up Scale HSPU to 15-11-7 seated DB press

January 09, 2019 Wednesday

Barbell Class - 50-85%

Come early to warm up at 7. Have your lifters, wrist wraps, etc and every ready to lift at 7:15pm Work off your new 1RM if you have one.

All swings should be Unbroken Scale box height & jump before scaling to step up & overs

January 08, 2019 Tuesday

:05 pause

Cleans must be Unbroken, choose your weight accordingly. Scale DUs to 30 SUs w/ a DU attempt every 5th (5:1)

January 07, 2019 Monday

On the ground Hold each position for :02 Rest about 1 minute between sets

On the PullUp bar Be in control Scale to toes on the ground Rest about 1 minute between sets

Kick up to or wall climb to get into position. Scale to heels to wall HS hold, partial range of motion, or plank hold. Aim to be as static as possible in a Hollow position. When you get tired you will be more likely to slouch into an Arch position which we don't want to do.

Choose a weight that allows you to move quick

January 05, 2019 Saturday

Partner WOD

We last did this 6/4/16

January 04, 2019 Friday

We last did this 3/20/18

January 03, 2019 Thursday

We last did this 9/6/17

January 02, 2019 Wednesday

45 min time cap Scaled options: -400M run -20 KBS -20 PullUps -3 rounds as needed

Barbell Class - Clean & Back Squat

Focus: Foot work. Jump and Land. Catch barbell in Squat Stance Position for each Squat Clean. No jumping forward or backwards or too wide. 5 Sets of 10 Reps on Back Squat, add 10lbs of weight after each set. Start at whatever weight you want. (approx. 40-50% of 1RM) Come to class warmed up with lifters, wrist wraps, and percentages down and ready to lift at 7:15pm.

December 31, 2018 Monday

December 29, 2018 Saturday

*Both partners run together *Other than the RUN - Break reps anyway

December 28, 2018 Friday