September 17, 2019 Tuesday

C2B & BMU practice

C2B & BMU practice

16 min cap

September 16, 2019 Monday

HSPU reps go down by 10 each round, 30-20-10

September 14, 2019 Saturday



September 13, 2019 Friday

Build to a heavy complex in 15 minutes

6 sets of 1:30 of work & :30 mandatory rest After the Toes to Bar then you should have +-:30 to complete the FrontRack hold until the 1:30 mark. Then a mandatory :30 rest before beginning the next set.

September 12, 2019 Thursday

Part 1 of 3 Rest 3 min then next

Part 2 of 3 2 min rest then next

Part 3 of 3

September 11, 2019 Wednesday

We will do this only once today to begin at 9:03AM SHARP. If you cannot make it at this time you are welcome to do this on your own or w/ a friend in the small room.

25 min cap

September 10, 2019 Tuesday

Warm Up

Work up to workout weight -15 DUs + 1 Rope Climb

16 min cap

September 09, 2019 Monday

Build to today’s 3RM in 15 mins

September 07, 2019 Saturday

Partner WOD

Part 1 of 2 In 12 minutes find each partner’s 3RM bench press. Score is total weight combined Rest 5 mins then next

Partner WOD

Part 2 of 2 Leap frog style. I do all WBs then you do all bike cals, then I do all DUs then you do all PCs, then I do T2B then you do WBs....etc. One works while other rests

September 06, 2019 Friday

Part 1 of 2 On a 15 minute running clock, part 1 has a time cap at 12:00. Begin part 2 immediately after finishing part 1 OR at the 12:00 mark

Part 2 of 2 Until the 15:00 mark, establish today's heaviest 1RM Thruster. From the ground, use the rack only if needed

September 05, 2019 Thursday

Odd - 4 Alt. Plate OH Lunges (Light) + 4 Up-Downs Even - Row or Bike @ moderate effort 3 min rest then next

Odd - 4 Plate G2OH + 4 Push Ups Even - Row or Bike @ moderate effort

September 04, 2019 Wednesday

Go into this w/ a plan & EXECUTE!! We last did this 10/23/17 We did 30 Squat C&Js on 4/20/19

Build to today's 1RM Clean&Jerk in 20 minutes Power or Squat, Jerk anyway, Athlete choice

September 03, 2019 Tuesday

24 min cap

September 02, 2019 Monday

Strict Gymnastic Pull, choice for the strict pull; 1-3 Strict Muscle Ups 5-10 Strict Pull Ups 7-15 Strict Ring Rows

August 31, 2019 Saturday

Teams of 3 Chipper Run, Rest, Work

In Teams of 3 Rotate Through Run, Rest, Work. For Example: Partner 1 Runs Partner 2 Rests Partner 3 Works When Partner 1 goes on Run, Partner 2 waits for them to get back, while Partner 3 completes as many reps as possible. As soon as Partner 1 comes back from the run they tag Partner 3. Partner 1 Rests Partner 3 Goes on Run Partner 2 Starts on his/her reps. This continues until each partner completes all of his/her reps in the chipper. Reps are not shared. If a Partner finishes the reps on a movement before runner gets back they can move on to the next movement. If one/two partners still has reps to finish, all partners must still run, rest, work until all partners are done.

August 30, 2019 Friday

Work can be completed in any order & broken up anyway. 20 min cap

August 29, 2019 Thursday

Recovery WOD

Odd - 3 up downs + 3 KBS Even - Row or Bike at moderate effort 3 min rest then next

Recovery WOD

Odd - 3 Jumping Squats + 3 Sit Ups Even - Row or Bike at moderate effort