August 04, 2020 Tuesday

Part 1 of 3 1 min rest then next

Part 2 of 3 1 min rest then next

Part 3 of 3 Turn this into an EMOM & try to hold your numbers!


Optional Finisher: 3 Sets: 5/5 Single Leg Glute Bridge Ups 20 Hollow Rocks

August 03, 2020 Monday

In 15 minutes find today's 2 rep StrictPress from the ground (clean to shoulders first) STIMULUS Strength -- Very heavy loading today with moderate time. Focus on appropriate jumps, athletes are building to your max weight for today. The moderate time should allow for plenty of rest in the later sets. Strict can get tricky, in the beginning bigger jumps will feel good but smaller jumps will be needed towards the max loading. Two focus points today: 1. Elbows Forward: Bar starts at the shoulders. As you press the bar up, focus on keeping the elbows pointing forward. As you lower the bar down again move the elbows forward in front of the bar. 2. Ribs Down: This is about keeping the midline stabilized and active during the press. As you press the bar overhead actively push your ribs down. This is to keep the core engaged and prevent over arching at the back.

We are aiming for 8-12 reps at each movement today The goal is to be able to hold the same number of reps for all of the rounds. Beginner athletes can focus on fewer reps to establish better technique and to maintain form under fatigue. It is ok for more experienced athletes to go with the Muscle Snatch to cycle faster. The Strict Press needs to stay STRICT so ensure you are scaling appropriately to complete your reps. No more than 2 sets to complete the reps for each minute. Each movement should be completed in :45-:50 seconds so the work doesn't bleed into the next minute.


17 min Cap

August 01, 2020 Saturday


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July 31, 2020 Friday

No brainer grunt work day. Be ready to begin on either of the two movements today due to size of your class. Everyone will perform 10 minutes for max calories on the Bike as well as the SkiErg. Use the 3 minutes between to recover to allow you to attack the 2nd movement w/ lots of effort! Fittest should aim for 15/12 cals per minute while everyone should be aiming for max effort today. Careful not to empty the tank on the first few minutes, its good practice to save something for the last few minutes.


Do Part 1 the REST 3 Minutes. Then Do Part 2. Row is 10 Guys, 6 Gals. Single Arm KB Thrusters 8 Each Side.


July 30, 2020 Thursday

Single DB used today for the step ups & snatches


July 29, 2020 Wednesday

Start light & build to a heavy set of 5 for today. We are building to a heavy 5 but we do not want to get sloppy with form. Strong descent and explosive drive up. Athletes should be able to maintain their Front Rack position. You will have about 20 minutes for your 7 working sets

Every 2 minutes -200m run -MaxRep SquatCleans Push the pace on the run and go in with a plan for the bar. Either cycling or fast singles. The goal is 5-10+ each round Run should be pushed about :45-:55 giving over a minute for the cleans. Modify distance as needed.


Partners run together. For the other movements; P1 works while P2 rests. The DB HPC & Lunges can be broken up in any way. Does not need to be completed in order.

July 28, 2020 Tuesday

Row for quality, dial in technique & begin to work on workout pacing. Tempo DB PushPress is x14x Explode up, :01 pause overhead, :04 negative (down), explode up.

Lets aim for quality movement done w/ intensity. Threshold training happens outside of our comfort zones. Aim for quality movement in all 4 movements where you will hit your threshold of perfect mechanics performing on average 90% repetitions perfect. Hitting your threshold is where the magic happens & it is expected to lose a little bit of mechanics to hit a high level of intensity. The row is not a rest, aim to finish the row in about :90


Triple AMRAP. Do Part 1 then Rest 2:00 Min Do Part 2 then Rest 2 Min Do Part 3 Optional Finisher: 2-3 Sets of: 5/5 Side Plank Rotations 15 Hollow Rocks 20 Glutei Bride Ups


Do Part 1 then Rest 2:00 Min Do Part 2 then Rest 2 Min Do Part 3


Do Part 1 then Rest 2:00 Min Do Part 2 then Rest 2 Min Do Part 3

July 27, 2020 Monday

With light weight, focus here is fast under the bar. Watch the video for more guidance

In 10 minutes; Focus is control, precision, and mechanics. Work up to a moderate to heavy complex. Aim for perfect mechanics... this will be managing the loading to keep the load sub-max. We are NOT testing the limits of our technique and mechanics but rather using a load that challenges you but still allows for high level performance. You can drop the bar between reps as the loading increases to allow for a quick reset however it should be quick.

Weight should be light enough to connect all the barbell reps! This is a pure gas pedal workout. Aim to be grinding to hit the same number of rounds each set. This is where the weight of the bar becomes SUPER important in choosing the right load and the light load at the start. Lighter is better today, no doubt. Athletes must have the ability to move the bar quickly even under fatigue and the OHS should not be a challenge with the weight you choose. If you struggle immensely overhead but really want to drop the hammer today, 115/75 or 135/95 with a Power Clean into Front Squat is a great option! Athletes must have the ability to cycle quickly and accurately...the barbell can not be a roadblock today. It’s all about fitness and intensity. Fittest should be able to hit 5+ rounds per interval and all should get at least 3 rounds per interval.


14:00 Min Cap Suggested Instead of a Ring Row today, do Sit Ups.

July 25, 2020 Saturday

Partner WOD

Partner WOD One works while other rests, switch anytime Modify 50 DUs to 100 SUs

July 24, 2020 Friday

In 15 minutes *Start with Light weight at start of 15:00 build to Heavy. Reps do not need to be TNG. STIMULUS Strength -- Athletes, you are building to a heavy 3-rep for the day- this is NOT a 3RM, but it should be something challenging for 3 reps. We are looking for all athletes to maintain proper mechanics, and to hold onto the bar from rep 1 to rep 3 We can sub Power Cleans if you cannot go overhead today!

We last did this 2/21/20 Another benchmark to compare from our previous performance! Athletes should be able to hold onto the weight they choose for sets of 3-5 reps unbroken- this might not be your strategy, but you should be able to hold on! Quick singles might be a good option for most athletes today to allow to keep chipping away at these reps at a steady clip. Fittest can finish sub 4 minutes, with the majority finishing between 7-10 minutes.


P1: Rows and does Plate Ground to Overhead while P2: Does Max Rep Box Jumps or Max Rep Step Overs

July 23, 2020 Thursday

HIGHLIGHTS *Athlete Goal* – Long grind of a workout! The goal here is consistent movement- can you hold onto the same rep scheme from round 1 to round 6? INTRO In it for the long haul today with this 30 min EMOM! We are working for max reps in each interval, however that does not mean we should come out so hot out the gate that we crash and burn in the 3rd round. Today is all about pacing, and keeping consistent movement from round 1 to round 6. Starting more conservatively, it might feel easy at first, but if you pace it correctly, those last 3 rounds will be a true challenge to hold onto that pace! STIMULUS Long grinder today! :50 of consistent movement at each “station” is the goal for today. RX is great, but can you keep moving for all :50 with the movement option chosen? Rep scheme should be a goal number you can hit from round 1 to round 6- fittest athletes are shooting to pick up the pace and increase their reps as the workout goes on, while the rest of us should aim to keep consistent movement. Today is grunt work day!