July 11, 2020 Saturday

leapfrog style, please use separate bars and plates unless you are from the same household.

Build in weight where appropriate, split or push jerk allowed. Newer athletes take squat clean from the hang.

July 10, 2020 Friday

*Athlete Goal* – Try to make each round faster than the one before! Cruise through Round 1 smooth, pick it for Round 2, on the final one go all out! *Stimulus* - Long workout today with a good bit of running, high bodyweight volume on the HRPU, and moderate load DB Hang Power Cleans. Your more experienced athletes should be looking to pace this workout with negative splits for each round, meaning Round 3 is faster than Round 1. The runs should take around 4:00, HRPU in the sub 2:00 range, and the HPC going unbroken would be about 1:00. All in all looking at aiming for sub 7:00 per round. Scale accordingly to get within that time frame.


**AFTER EACH FULL SET RUN 200 meters. WOD ends with a 200 meter run. 15 Minute Cap.


Not for time

July 09, 2020 Thursday

Start Moderate-Heavy and Build to Heavy 2-Rep *Athlete Goal* – All your Back Squats should look the same - from your Moderate-Heavy set of 2 to your Heavy set!

Can you hold onto the Thrusters unbroken the whole way through?! Athletes should be able to hold onto the Thruster unbroken at least until the round of 15, potentially into the last round! Athletes should choose a Box Jump height they can cycle through at a steady pace- it doesn’t have to be a sprint, but should be consistent. Fittest can finish under 8:00, while most athletes are looking to finish around 10:00-12:00!


Do a Whole Tabata of Movement 1 then rest 1 Minute then go to Movement 2 Tabata and so on. Rest 1 Minute between each Tabata.

July 08, 2020 Wednesday

Cardio and core work coming your way! Longer workout so find your pace early in the workout and stick with it. The heavy breathing will make the Sit-ups, Russian Swings, & Box Step-ups more challenging so make sure you are ready to go when the time comes to perform these movements. Today we want to try to move for as much of the 20 minutes as possible. This is one of the longest time domains we've touched yet. If you've been training consistently, we want you to try and push through some of the fatigue...slow if you need to but try not to stop


July 07, 2020 Tuesday

*Keep loading moderate to moderate-heavy. Slight increase from last week. Build to a moderate- moderate heavy weight that you will be able to show complete control of the weight throughout the entire lift. Keep the core tight and lift with the legs to generate power from the ground. This will be the heaviest bar you've moved over the past three weeks, don't let those good habits fly out the window just because you've gone heavier!

Find a weight on the Wall Balls and Deadlift that will allow for you to move through these movements pretty swiftly without too much time lost in transition. During the rest use this time to mentally lock in before the following sets and to bring the heart rate down to keep the intensity high!


Rest 3 Minutes then Start Tabata 8 Rounds of: :20 sec ON/ :10 sec OFF Alternating between -Alt V Ups -Plate Gun Hold

July 06, 2020 Monday

Extended Warm-Up

8/8 Goblet Split Squat 5-7 Strict Pull-Ups or Ring Rows Use the Extended Warm-up to get the body prep for the movements that will come later in the workout. This is a great time to improve on the Strict Pull-up by developing pulling strength under a control time frame. Don't think of this as a "workout" but rather an additional warm-up or strength session...move with purpose

Simple workout, amazing results! Have a plan going into this workout knowing where you can speed up like during the Row or where you will slow things down to prevent movement patterns from breaking down on the Lunges or Plank Holds. This is a workout that if you're feeling good and you've been training consistently that you can push the intensity a bit more.


Scale to 60 Single Unders. Go Heavy on the Russian Swings

July 04, 2020 Saturday

*Keep loading moderate to moderate-heavy. Slight increase from last week. Tempo (1111) Slightly faster tempo compared to last week. The goal is to work up to a moderate to moderate-heavy sets of 5 and use that weight for all 3 sets. Focus on getting full ROM at the top of the press and prevent from overextending the spine. If you feel yourself leaning back, think about bracing your abs or pulling your ribs down to stop that extension back.

4th of July - Partner WOD

*LeapFrog style. Partner 1 completes all DoubleUnders then Partner 2 completes all PushPress, then Partner 1 completes all T2Bs, then Partner 2 completes all DoubleUnders. Continue this leap frog pattern the complete workout Quick and smooth reps on the Push Press and Toes to Bar. Focus on controlling your breathing to not let your heart rate go too high. Use the rest to bring your breathing back under control and focus on better movement the next round.

July 03, 2020 Friday

Get ready for a solid dose of intensity today! Pick a goal number of calories for each minute on the bike, and try to stick to it! It should be a challenge, taking around :40-:45 to complete each round. Pick a weight on the DB Snatches that you can hold onto each round unbroken!


In Teams of 2...One Partner Rows 250m while the other Partner holds Double KB in Front Rack then switch. 18:00 Cap Team can choose to ski erg or row.

July 02, 2020 Thursday

*Keep loading moderate to moderate-heavy. Slight increase from last week. Tempo (1111) Getting back to the Back Squat today! Slightly faster tempo than last week- still under control for all 5 reps! You are working up to a moderate to moderate-heavy set of 5 reps and staying there for 3 sets. Focus should be on a completely solid midline and crisp movement through the full ROM.

Today's workout is all about consistency. The weight on the barbell should be something you can hold onto for the full set without compromising mechanics and to give yourself time to chip away at the Burpee Pull-Ups.


Rounds 1 & 3 - Right Side Plank. Rounds 2 & 4 Left Side Plank.

July 01, 2020 Wednesday

Build on yesterday's Snatches! Today's Strength is all about getting the bar into good positions- each rep should demonstrate control! Focus on keeping the shoulders and lats engaged, keeping the bar close to the body from the Deadlift thru to the Power Snatch.

Today's workout is a burner for the low back! Between the Power Snatches and the Cal Row, you're going to see a lot of hinging- try to get into a steady cadence on the Box Jump Overs to keep your heart rate under control here!


15:00 Hard Cap

June 30, 2020 Tuesday

The Strength today is a great opportunity to get a lower body pump. Try to hold onto the DBs for all :45 of Step-Upsthat's no easy task! Focus on keeping the chest up and belly tight in the FR Hold- no leaning back or laying the DBs across your shoulders! This is an active FR hold, no resting on shoulders

*Build each round of Snatches. Keep weight light-moderate. *5-7 Hang Power Snatches *Hollow or Tuck Hold Start light on the Hang Power Snatch, and focus on maintaining as close to perfect reps as you can throughout each weight jump you make! You don't have to increase the weight every round, so if you find a weight you want to work at, stay there until you feel comfortable, and then you can reevaluate another weight increase. Keep a steady and consistent pace on the Box Jumps- these shouldn't be a sprint, but you should be able to move the entire :45.


Score is rounds plus reps.

June 29, 2020 Monday

Odd - 7-10 Tempo Ring Rows (2211) OR 5-7 Strict PullUps Even - Slow Wall Walks *Tempo RingRows - :02 up, :02 hold at top, :01 down, :01 hold at bottom before beginning next rep Strict is the name of the game today! Focus on controlling the Strict PU, and maintaining a Hollow Body Position in the Wall Walks. The Strength EMOM is all about body control. Don't be afraid to split up the Strict PU and Ring Rows- You can do half the EMOM with Strict PU and the other half with Ring Rows, or a mix of both. Wall Walks should be controlled, so don't rush to get up- you should only walk up as high as you can knowing you are going to walk back down.