September 22, 2020 Tuesday

Work up today to a moderate to heavy set of 5 in 5 sets. Dial in form here. Practice & quality is today's focus

Library Sumo Deadlifts....shhhhhhh The Deadlifts are meant to be completed with control. The “Library” means we want athletes trying to keep any sound from occurring as they lower back to the ground. The point of this is to focus on good positions and keeping engaged for the entirety of the lift, not just pulling off the floor. The Plank will get tough for some athletes but we are looking for one big set. Athletes, try to hang on for the whole set of Flutter Kicks because the :30 second rest is at the end of each round. This is for quality not intensity today

September 21, 2020 Monday

Part 1 of 2 Athletes have 10:00 to complete one mile with max meters on the rower the remaining time. We want everyone to give the mile their best effort and then see what grit they can muster up to knock out those meters. After, athletes will get a 5:00 rest minimum, then on to part two! This is a real mile test, athletes should aim to finish in 8:00 or less and then see how many meters they can get on the row Scale the run distance down or modify to a 10 minute bike or row.

The rest should allow athletes to start off strong. Find a tough pace and try to stick to it. We want to see 1 set on the KBSs and1-2 sets on the Push-Ups. Squats should be smooth and non-stop. Plan for 7 or more rounds with top scores 12+

September 19, 2020 Saturday

Partner WOD

Share reps anyway, switch anytime. One works while other rests. Increase weight each set RX- 75/55 95/65 115/75 135/85 155/105

September 18, 2020 Friday

Bodyweight WOD Part 1

Burpee to Target: Use your door frame as a target. Run: Jog around your house (enter every room) Wall Sit: Find something to hold while in a squat position (right below parallel)

Friday Lift

No timeframe today, work for as long as you want on some heavy weight. After warming up & getting some technique work in w/ Coach, we'll turn the music up & have an old fashioned Friday lifting session!

Bodyweight WOD Part 2

8 min Abs Rotate between each movement quickly every 30 seconds. Repeat list twice. Keep Moving!

September 17, 2020 Thursday

Partner WOD

Leapfrog style Longer workout today, use the leapfrog rest periods to help keep you moving! One person should be ALWAYS moving. If both team-members are caught standing around then.....BURPEES!! 👊🏽 Keep a consistent pace throughout on SkiErg WBs should be UB throughout. Modify as needed Modify DUs to 80 SUs

Bodyweight WOD

Pistols: Modify by using something to hand on to for balance to do a single leg squat or find a low stool or chair to sit down and get off chair with one leg, then alternate. Ladder Climb: Once up ladder and back down =1. If you don't have a ladder, find something to step up on, 5 steps = 1 So reps are 50, 45, 40, 35, 30, 25, 20, 15, 10, 5 Step Ups.

September 16, 2020 Wednesday

Bodyweight WOD

September 15, 2020 Tuesday

Bodyweight WOD

September 14, 2020 Monday

Work up in weight in the deadlifts over the 6 rounds. Ideally up to workout weight for the next workout.

Weight on the bar should allow you to do multiple reps of, no singles. 10 minute cap, fastest will be under 6 mins

Bodyweight WOD

Tricep Dips: Find something at your house to do triceps dips on, a chair against the wall work well. To modify: Bring feet in and decrease range of motion. To make this more challenging,: add weight on top of your hip or place feet further away. Deck Squats: To Modify do air squats. Side Plank Knee to Elbow: Can be on your elbow or hand. Bring Knee same leg to same elbow to touch in a side plank. To modify: bend the bottom leg at the knee and use it for balance in a side blank. Alt. Toe Touch Jumping Jacks. When feet are together in the jumping jack, hands are together overhead. When feet come apart, reach down and touch opposite hand to toe. To Modify: Decrease range of motion and touch knee.

September 11, 2020 Friday


Partner 1 runs 400m while partner 2 does an AMRAP of wall balls and RKBS. 20 Min Cap. Partner 1 is the pacesetter, once they get back from the run, they switch out and pick up where Partner 2 left off. Each Partner runs 4x400 for a total of 8 rounds. Time CAP 20 Mins. Score is time.

September 10, 2020 Thursday

It is time to test for a new 2RM Back Squat! We have been squatting a lot lately & now we'll see where we're all at. 20 minutes today to find a new 2RM. Allot 10 minutes to working at lighter weight and a higher rep scheme (60-70% at 6-8 reps), then 5 minutes building to and through moderate weight (75-85% at 4-6 reps), reserving the last 5 minutes to work in sets of 2 reps at 90-100+%.

We are looking for consistent, hard effort each interval- that might mean starting at a more conservative pace to avoid crashing and burning after the first 3:00 interval. Plan is to be able to complete one set of 7 burpees & 5 Hang Cleans in :45-:50 giving about :30 rest between intervals. Adjust accordingly


September 09, 2020 Wednesday

Plan for :90-2 minutes between efforts You should work up heavier here than you will use in the following workout

The key is to hold on for as long as you can! Between the Push Press and the Box Jumps, the legs are going to get smoked! Can you keep a steady pace through the Box Jumps without resting on the floor?! This is a BURNER! Push Press should be completed in no more than 3 sets for the set of 50, because this is the freshest the legs and shoulders will be. Set of 30 should be broken into no more than 2 sets, and the last set of 10 should be unbroken! Box Jumps should be consistent- resting only on top of the box. 15 min cap


September 08, 2020 Tuesday

WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK day Watch your split times & stay consistent! Can you hold a :90 split?


Optional Finisher: 2-3 Sets 10 Hammer Curls 20 Hollow Rocks :30 DBL DB/KB Overhead Carry

September 07, 2020 Monday

Test week is here! Time to put all those extra reps and hard work into this week. Today we are running the clock for 20 minutes and going for a 2RM in the Deadlift. Our focus will be on getting the hamstrings opened up and ready to get after heavy weights. Athletes should take their time building up to something heavy for the first 12:00 of the session and then use the last 8:00 to make 2-3 heavy attempts! Use the entire 20 minutes to build up to those PRs and try to make 2-3 true attempts!

Aim to hold onto the same score for both or improve on the second. Plan for 4-6 rounds


20 Min Cap

September 05, 2020 Saturday

Partner WOD

Leapfrog style!