October 14, 2019 Monday

Establish today’s 10 RM in 12 minutes. Plan for 1 or 2 attempts at a 10 RM. Use the first 4-5 minutes to work up in weight performing 2-4 reps. Then go for a 10 RM in the remaining 6-7 minutes

October 12, 2019 Saturday

October 11, 2019 Friday

RX is 2 foot take off on Burpees

October 10, 2019 Thursday

Recovery Day

Odd - 10 DUs + 5 Double DB Snatch (light) Even - Row or Bike @ moderate pace 3 min rest then next

Odd - AMRAP of 5 MB Hang Squat Cleans + 5 MB Strict Presses Even - Row or Bike at moderate pace Tomorrow we do CFG Open 20.1

October 09, 2019 Wednesday

Goal is to hit 5 moderate/heavy triples at the same weight across. No misses & aim for perfect form. This is not a 3RM today. Work up to something higher than workout weight

Modify as needed to 95/65# & HRPU

October 08, 2019 Tuesday

Start at 400m on the rower & add 50m each round (400, 450, 500, 550, 600....) Reset the monitor to zero at the start of each round

October 07, 2019 Monday

15 minutes to find today’s 10 RM

The first round of 20 front squats should be at a weight you can complete all 20 reps unbroken. If not then scale down the weight for all rounds today! Good scaled down weights; 95/65, 115/75, 135/95 16 min cap

October 05, 2019 Saturday

The partner power hour

30 Min cap. Split reps any way - One partner works, other rests. Modify BMU to Jumping BMU, or C2B.

October 04, 2019 Friday

Find a moderate set of 3 in 10 minutes

16 min cap We last did this 3/24/17

October 03, 2019 Thursday

4 rounds not for time -3/3 DB TGU -15 DB Bentover Row (2121) -25 Weighted SitUps, you choose weight & hold it across your chest -Max UB Strict Dips, your choice of ring dips, bar dips, or box dips. Aim for at least 10 reps

Teams of 3

One works while other two rest

October 02, 2019 Wednesday

Scale to finish work each minute in at least :50. DONT FALL BEHIND!

October 01, 2019 Tuesday

Build to a moderate-heavy double in sets 1-3 then use same weight across for final 3 sets.

This will get grippy! Aim for 4+ rounds

September 30, 2019 Monday

Odd - 3-5 taller than normal box jump Even - 2-3 wall walks, scale to a shorter range of motion or plank shoulder taps as needed

3 sets w/ 2 min rest between

We are doing this 3x today w/ 2 minutes rest between. Scale the movements to enable you to get to the DLs w/ at least 1 minute left each round. Aim for 7+ reps on the DL each round. Record your best round

September 28, 2019 Saturday

Partner Nate

Partner A completes a full round before Partner B starts. Good Modified Option would be : 6 C2B Pull ups or Pull Ups or Jumping PU 7 Pike Push Ups or DB Push Press 8 KBS 53/35

September 27, 2019 Friday

Build to a heavy set of 5 in 20 minutes

September 26, 2019 Thursday

2 touch & go Power Cleans Work up to a heavy 2, should be much more than workout weight

Should be a weight you can cycle well. 8 min cap

September 25, 2019 Wednesday

In remaining time after the run, max meters on rower