July 02, 2020 Thursday


Rounds 1 & 3 - Right Side Plank. Rounds 2 & 4 Left Side Plank.

July 01, 2020 Wednesday

Build on yesterday's Snatches! Today's Strength is all about getting the bar into good positions- each rep should demonstrate control! Focus on keeping the shoulders and lats engaged, keeping the bar close to the body from the Deadlift thru to the Power Snatch.

Today's workout is a burner for the low back! Between the Power Snatches and the Cal Row, you're going to see a lot of hinging- try to get into a steady cadence on the Box Jump Overs to keep your heart rate under control here!


15:00 Hard Cap

June 30, 2020 Tuesday

The Strength today is a great opportunity to get a lower body pump. Try to hold onto the DBs for all :45 of Step-Upsthat's no easy task! Focus on keeping the chest up and belly tight in the FR Hold- no leaning back or laying the DBs across your shoulders! This is an active FR hold, no resting on shoulders

*Build each round of Snatches. Keep weight light-moderate. *5-7 Hang Power Snatches *Hollow or Tuck Hold Start light on the Hang Power Snatch, and focus on maintaining as close to perfect reps as you can throughout each weight jump you make! You don't have to increase the weight every round, so if you find a weight you want to work at, stay there until you feel comfortable, and then you can reevaluate another weight increase. Keep a steady and consistent pace on the Box Jumps- these shouldn't be a sprint, but you should be able to move the entire :45.


Score is rounds plus reps.

June 29, 2020 Monday

Odd - 7-10 Tempo Ring Rows (2211) OR 5-7 Strict PullUps Even - Slow Wall Walks *Tempo RingRows - :02 up, :02 hold at top, :01 down, :01 hold at bottom before beginning next rep Strict is the name of the game today! Focus on controlling the Strict PU, and maintaining a Hollow Body Position in the Wall Walks. The Strength EMOM is all about body control. Don't be afraid to split up the Strict PU and Ring Rows- You can do half the EMOM with Strict PU and the other half with Ring Rows, or a mix of both. Wall Walks should be controlled, so don't rush to get up- you should only walk up as high as you can knowing you are going to walk back down.

In the Workout, we are looking for a consistent pace here- break up the push-ups early if needed to keep moving. The Cal Bike should be a consistent, but not necessarily a comfortable pace. It should be something you can hold onto for the entire workout. Use the :30 rest each round as a walking rest- walk around, take big deep breaths, and get ready for the next round.


16 Min Hardcap. Rest 2 Minutes between Rounds.

June 27, 2020 Saturday

Tempo (2121) *Keep loading moderate. Slight increase from last week. Let the tempo dictate the load on the Back Squats today! Maintaining a strong back position through all 5 reps is more important than 3 heavy sets of 5 today

Partner WOD

Partners run together & split all other reps in half. One works while other rests Consistency is key on this workout. Find a weight on the Wall Balls you know you can consistently do in sets of 10-15 reps. Keep a consistent pace, and break up these movement early if needed to avoid standing around trying to catch your breath!

June 26, 2020 Friday

*Increase load every other set. Keep light to moderate. Focus on technique overloading today. The High Hang Power Clean is going to limit the weight you can put on the barbell so keep your complexes quick and snappy while working on 1-2 things specific to you. Your last 1-2 sets should be at or above working weight.

2 min rest then repeat We want to climb to the round of 12-16 depending on how our Toes to Bar are feeling. Aim to keep your Hang Power Cleans unbroken through the round of 6 before having to split up sets. Keep this rule in mind when working the TTB. A great option to keep yourself moving is to complete half TTB and half Knees to Chest when the sets get too big to go unbroken.

After 2 min rest, repeat for a new scored workout

June 25, 2020 Thursday

We are looking to work through 4-5+ rounds on this long AMRAP today. We want to make sure our Front Squat weight stays moderate and can be kept unbroken every set.

June 24, 2020 Wednesday

Tempo (2121) *Keep loading moderate. Slight increase from last week. We have two main focuses in this strength session: try to go a little heavier than last week while still adhering to the tempo, and make sure we are actually getting that :01 pause on the floor. This bottom position should be maintained with tension and force you to not bang and bounce the bar off the floor.

*Increase weight each set & heavier than last week The goal for this workout is to get incrementally heavier as you go. We want to try and keep rounds to 3:30-4:30 minutes tops so start on the more conservative end and make your last one the fastest one. Let's also ensure the Deadlift weight we have on the bar will allow for 12 unbroken reps every round or 1 break mid-set!

June 23, 2020 Tuesday

Tempo (2121) *Keep loading moderate. Slight increase from last week. Let's go a little heavier with rock solid form. We are still ramping up from the time off so we still want to keep things in the moderate realm and no "all or nothing" reps. The weight you use for your working sets should allow you to do 2-3 more reps

Try to push your pace on the Cal Bike and recover slow and steady on the Step-ups. The Bike should feel like an 80% pace that would allow you to go for 10 more Cals without being totally gassed. Your Push Press weight should always allow you to complete at least 5-6 reps before resting!

June 22, 2020 Monday

Increase load every other set. Keep light to moderate. Start light, maybe even the empty barbell, and slowly build from there. The focus during the session is reintroducing ourselves to form and technique. You can almost think of this like a "skill session" when you are choosing your weights.

Short AMRAPs so we are going to put the gas pedal down. Hang Power Snatches should be unbroken with the focus still on proper mechanics even when moving fast. The Up-Downs are going to be a short break so you the barbell is winding you take these a bit slower to recover. See if you can EMOM this or get more than 5 rounds for both AMRAPs.

June 20, 2020 Saturday

-long sweaty workout -One partner WORK, one partner REST. -Make sure to game plan with your partner before workout. -Must finish reps before moving to next movement. -Be ready to work!

June 19, 2020 Friday

On a 12 minute running clock. Tempo - 2121 We want to spend this time either working to or slightly past our workout weight and then using that for our working sets. Really try to pay attention to keeping your belly braced and making sure your hips and shoulders rise together...these small things can make a sure difference on what's sore the next day especially when working with tempo

Weight options; 185/125# 155/105# 115/75# Your Coach will help you find an appropriate weight. For today 3-4 rounds will be appropriate & plenty for some, your Coach will help you decide if modifying down in rounds will be good for today as well. Find intensity today by slowing things down and really working the hamstrings with the Deadstop Deadlifts. These will force a :01 pause in the bottom position of the movement...which also happens to be the point of peak tension. If done correctly, these will keep your back safe and your hamstrings lit up! Pick a weight you can complete in 2 sets and enjoy the posterior pump

June 18, 2020 Thursday

The Goal in our AMRAPs is to match or beat our first AMRAP score...start moderate and build in speed. The RKBS should be kept unbroken, the Burpees to Plate should be finished in 1:00-1:30, and the Toes to Bar should be done in 2 sets. As you're working through take notice of how your hands are feeling, if they feel like they might rip during TTB modify to V-ups to prevent this.

Core Finisher

Alternate between movements for 8 total sets (4 each movement) Movement 1 - Plank KB Tap Movement 2 - Tuck Hold

June 17, 2020 Wednesday

On a 12 minute running clock. Tempo - 2121 The Strict Press has always been a limiting movement and today we want to keep that in mind when working up to our working weight. We want to go in with no preconceived weights in our head...go by feel and keep your working sets at a moderate weight that feels like a 5 on a scale of 1-10. Use the slow tempo to really focus on bracing the abs and making sure we aren't overextending

Option to increase load to 115/75 after first round. If you have been running consistently see how the first 400m Run goes and take your temperature...if you're able to get back in 2:00 or less and you feel recovered enough after the Push Press keep the runs at 400m. If you barely make it back or are gassed cut the rundown to 200m. This will allow more time to complete the 12 Push Press and will allow for more recovery before the next set.

June 16, 2020 Tuesday

5-7 Strict PullUps OR 7-10 RingRows Bike at moderate pace Go for highest quality possible, not quantity or highest difficulty. It has been a while since you have done vertical pulling so keeping things on the more basic end. Today is going to help rebuild foundations without overloading your body with volume.